Canon PowerShot G1 X Review

Updated May 31, 2014
Canon PowerShot G1 X

On paper, experts say the Canon PowerShot G1 X looks fantastic. Its enormous image sensor promises to deliver that long-awaited holy grail of compact cameras: pro-quality photos in a carry-around package. Unfortunately, the G1 X is big, bulky and slow. "Astonishingly slow," various testers say. Reviewers overwhelmingly recommend the speedy, pocket-sized Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 (Est. $440) instead.

Ease of useProsExcellent photo quality, Outstanding in low light, Full manual controlConsSluggish for action shots, Poor in close-up situations, Bulky and heavy


Pretty pictures, but "frustratingly slow." First, the good news: Images from the Canon G1 X look fabulous, reviews say. Even dim light -- the downfall of most pocket cameras -- proves no problem for the G1 X. Now, the bad news: Forget about photographing anything that moves. The G1 X is that slow, reviews say; the all-round slowness includes the autofocus and video.  It's even a slow burst-shooter -- a "dead-slow" 1.9 frames per second (fps), according to -- though you can boost that to 4.5 fps, but only for six shots in a row. It's so slow that some owners say they simply miss moments. Others get blurry shots, including Pogue, who received advice from Canon that he switch to a different mode to shoot things that move. Battery life is 250 shots per charge with the LCD screen on -- "very low," Pogue says.


Strong metal body. The Canon G1 X feels very sturdy, reviewers say. "Featuring a metal body with a solid feel, tank-like construction, the G1 X feels very well made indeed," says Goldstein at praises the G1 X's "solid build quality," too. Owners agree. "When you pick up the Canon G1 X, your first thought will probably be 'Wow -- this thing is SOLID,'" writes one reviewer. Another says, "The body is metal and, as I've already managed to drop mine (long story), I can vouch for the fact that it is durable."


High-end features like a hot shoe -- but no in-camera panorama. Zoom is 4x, typical for this class. But the Canon G1 X comes loaded with goodies you'll usually only see on interchangeable-lens cameras. There's a hot shoe for an external flash (and a pop-up flash, too) plus the optical viewfinder and swiveling LCD screen. One glaring omission: There's no built-in panorama feature. Even cheap cameras these days give you a panorama photo option, but the G1 X makes you stitch your photos together later using supplied computer software (from 1996, points out). Like other cameras in its class, the G1 X has a USB port to hook up to a computer, and an HDMI port to attach to an HDTV.

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