Samsung NX20 Review

Updated May 31, 2014
Samsung NX20

Terrific Wi-Fi features earn the Samsung NX20 a runner-up spot among compact system cameras. It makes it easy to share and post photos, use your smartphone to control your camera and more. But the NX20 feels sluggish next to its rivals, and its photos -- although very good -- aren't quite up to par with better-reviewed competitors.

Ease of useProsBest-in-class Wi-Fi connectivity, Good image quality overall, Intuitive DSLR-style form and controlsConsSluggish in some ways, Plastic body, Audio quality only fair


Image quality and speed trail the competition. The image quality of the Samsung NX20 isn't as good as that of its rival Olympus and Canon cameras, but they're still good overall. Speed lags, too. "While the NX20 is generally a responsive camera, it is painfully slow to start up, focus, and capture a photo -- requiring about 3.3 seconds to do so," says Jim Fisher at And while the NX20 can shoot 8 frames per second, the buffer takes frustratingly long to clear those big image files in tests. Video mode was easy to engage and produced excellent results in good light. Battery life is rated at 360 shots per charge, about average for the class.


Plastic body isn't weather-sealed. Unlike its metal-bodied rivals, the Samsung NX20 is all-plastic. "The NX20 feels like more of a mass-market device than its price-tag might suggest, with an all-plastic body," says Mark Goldstein at "This isn't to say that the NX20 isn't well-built though, and you'll certainly appreciate the NX20's lack of bulk during a long day's shooting."

It isn't weather-sealed, either, like the more pro-grade Olympus OM-D E-M5. Other experts and owner reviews say nothing about the NX20's build quality -- no praise, but also no complaints.


Outstanding Wi-Fi features. Wi-Fi is the big story on the Samsung NX20. While it doesn't make photo-sharing as effortless as an iPhone, "it had one of the best Wi-Fi implementations on any camera we've tried," says Havlik at You can also beam photos to your iOS or Android device, use your phone or tablet as a remote control and live viewfinder ("perhaps the coolest feature for our money," Havlik says) and more. Like others in this class, the NX20 also lets you add special effects to your photos -- black-and-white, vignetting, miniature, etc. -- and it includes a panorama feature. The included 18 mm to 55 mm kit lens performs well in photo and video tests.

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The Samsung NX20 is a good -- not great -- camera, Jim Fisher concludes after a full test. It has a great Wi-Fi feature, but it needs faster performance, better low-light chops and a brighter viewfinder to compete with the much better Olympus OM-D E-M5, he says.


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With just a handful of owner reviews posted here, the Samsung NX20 averages 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some complain about its slow buffering speed.