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*Est. 15 cents per 4-by-6-inch print
March 2013
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  • Easy site navigation
  • Great photo books and creative projects
  • Photo sharing websites
  • Quality of prints could be better
  • More expensive than other services
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Bottom Line

Shutterfly, a favorite of scrapbookers, has energized photo sharing with their simple yet sophisticated templates for personal websites, photo books and other sharing tools. You'll find inspiration and ideas to make your photos stand out or tell a story. Shutterfly may not offer the highest-quality prints -- though that's no worse than many other competitors -- and is a little pricier for some items, but a plethora of other features make it an attractive option.


Easy as a summer breeze. Shutterfly receives high praise for the organization and simplicity of its website. Shutterfly members can download Shutterfly Studio, software that allows easy organization and editing of photos. Additionally there are other upload options like an iPhoto plug-in, iPhone and iPad apps, and even a CD mail-in service.

Like an insect flitting from flower to flower, you can just as easily go from editing a photo to turning it into a card to ordering a print to sharing it on a personalized website. You can upload photos from your computer, your phone or Picasa and Facebook accounts.

Share photo galleries as freely you like; recipients won't need a password to view, order and download the photos you've shared. Shutterfly also hosts personalized websites. Customize and add your own members according to your preferences. Members can upload and download images, order gifts and prints, or post news, stories and updates. This is a great alternative to social media sites if you only want to share photos with a certain group of users -- ideal for weddings, sports teams, travel groups, school projects and extended families.

Shutterfly has video capability as well, though it's not heavily promoted. You can also create slideshow videos with your photos, complete with music and captions.

Print Quality

Room for improvement. Print quality is the one area where Shutterfly could use a bit of a metamorphosis. submitted the same set of digital images to Shutterfly and nine other digital printing services. Shutterfly tied for third place for print quality, but was not far ahead of the other services. Some color prints appeared darker than the original image, with some heavy shadows, though the black-and-white photo was the truest of all images among the digital photo-printing services.


Lively as a butterfly garden. In addition to its own impressive design team, Shutterfly has partnered with innovative and artistic companies like Tiny Prints, Treat and Wedding Paper Divas to offer cards, invitations and announcements for every occasion. You'll find tutorials for improving your photography, digital scrapbooking news and articles on just about anything on their blog, or you can connect with others on any of the community forums and social media platforms.

Shutterfly is a little on the high side in terms of pricing (*Est. 15 cents per 4-by-6 print), but there is a significant savings potential if you are buying prints in bulk or if you choose one of their prepaid plans. Shutterfly's tiered shipping rates are less confusing than those of Snapfish, starting at $1.79 for basic shipping and rising accordingly. Jason Fitzpatrick of writes, "Shutterfly doesn't offer rock bottom prices compared to other online outfits -- although for small prints they are certainly reasonable -- but it does shine with the most polished organizing and sharing system."

You can send your prints and projects to CVS, Target or Walgreens for in-store pickup, but before ordering, check availability of the product at the store location you choose.

Customer Care

Discounts galore. You'll find lots of places for tips and tricks, user forums, a great FAQ list and search function. And if you don't find just what you need, Shutterfly's responsive staff are also available via email and phone.

Once you're a member of Shutterfly you'll get no end of discount offers. Unless you need something immediately, if you wait around a week or two, you'll probably get a discount code for exactly the product you want to order.

Shutterfly offers unlimited storage for your photos, and unlike sites like Kodak Gallery, they promise to never delete your photos, regardless of how many or few purchases you make.

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Review Credibility: Fair In this roundup, Shutterfly is named second best. No methodology for their decision is listed, but the author notes that when reviewing photo-printing services, the end product is often very similar, and sometimes it comes down to trying out things like bulk photo uploaders and built-in editing tools to see what you are most comfortable with.

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5. Real Simple

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Shutterfly *Est. 15 cents per 4-by-6-inch print

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