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*Est. 9 cents per 4-by-6-inch print
March 2013
by ConsumerSearch

Best online photo printing service

  • Fast and easy uploading
  • Mobile app
  • Tons of project options and features
  • Price slightly higher than a few major competitors
  • Shipping charges can be expensive
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Bottom Line

Highly recommended by numerous photography and tech sites, Snapfish is the leading online digital photo storage and printing service, for good reason. A dazzling array of uploading options, tools for organizing and editing, creative features and user-friendly tutorials, plus outstanding customer service, have critics hooked on Snapfish. Photo storage space and project options are as unlimited as the deep blue sea. Oh, and the prints don't look half bad, either.


Get your feet wet or dive in. A distinctive feature that Snapfish offers its members is a service called PictureMover, a free application that can be downloaded and installed on your computer, allowing users to automatically upload selected photos from a camera or media device directly to Snapfish. While PictureMover is a convenient time-saver, it's certainly not required. You can still manually import from your computer, or even straight from social media sites.

The Snapfish website is easy to navigate, if somewhat utilitarian. What it lacks in funky graphics it makes up for with functionality. Even a technically challenged fish out of water will get along just swimmingly with the easy-to-use tools. Sharing your photos on social media is a snap; you can even upload photos directly from Facebook and Flickr accounts.

Snapfish's Photo & Video Organizer (yes, you can also store videos on Snapfish) allows a number of options like sharing, tagging, searching, captioning, arranging and creating projects without opening each photo individually. And of course you are provided with editing options to make simple picture adjustments. A favorite feature of editors at is the capability to print captions right onto the back of prints.

Print Quality

Better than the originals. When submitted the same set of digital images to Snapfish and nine other digital printing services, the quality of the Snapfish prints was number one. Snapfish actually made notable improvements to the original digital files, reducing some yellow tones in a black-and-white print and delivering a clean and crisp aerial shot.


Anything but a billboard. You will be amazed at the crazy things Snapfish can put your photo on. Not just a coffee mug, calendar or mouse pad. Please. How about a blanket? Games? Jewelry. Water bottles. Clothing. Stationery. Phone sleeve. The list is exhaustive.

An iOS app allows you to upload, view and print your photos on the go, a great way to save storage space on your device. If you don't have an iPhone, you can do the same thing on a smartphone's web browser.

Coming in at roughly 9 cents per 4-by-6-inch print, Snapfish's pricing is commensurate with other similar online photo sharing and printing sites, though slightly higher than some discount retailers for larger prints and gift items. For registering as a new member you'll get a bunch of free prints. The one catch is the shipping prices, which can be expensive -- and confusing. Snapfish offers in-store pickup at Duane Reade, Meijer, Walgreens and Walmart, but before ordering, check availability of the product at the store location you choose. Search the web for discounts and coupon codes, which are readily available.

In addition to gift items, there are a multitude of photo projects and suggestions compiled by Snapfish, with user-friendly tutorials to guide you through the basics. You'll also find photography articles and tips from professionals to help you take better pictures.

Customer Care

Helpful and live support. Snapfish offers a number of customer service options: telephone, email or live chat. In 2005 Snapfish was acquired by HP, an international giant in the printing industry. There are sections for returns and refunds, uploading hints, promos and coupons. Snapfish typically runs a promo giving free prints to new customers, so you can try the service essentially for free before fully committing. Snapfish is a global service, with web platforms for over 20 countries.

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4. Real Simple

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