Canon EOS 60D

Canon's midrange DSLR offers some updates, some setbacks

  • Great image quality
  • Swiveling LCD screen
  • Long battery life
  • Slow autofocus on LCD screen, none in movie mode
  • Plastic body
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Bottom line

Outstanding image quality and a handy swiveling LCD screen earn the Canon EOS 60D a spot on plenty of experts' recommended lists, but it's not the slam-dunk it once was. Only one memory card slot and a lack of autofocus fine-tuning place it slightly behind its rivals in features, despite its excellent quality and speed.

Ease of use

Swiveling LCD screen is ideal for video and odd-angle shots. The Canon EOS 60D has one very useful feature you won't find on some of its competitors: a tilt-and-swivel LCD screen. This proves especially handy when shooting at an unusual angle, bracing the camera against something or following action in movie mode. However, as with all DSLR cameras, autofocus is sluggish when framing a shot with the LCD screen rather than the regular viewfinder, testers say. Unlike cheaper DSLRs, the Canon EOS 60D gets a second small LCD panel on top -- similar to pro DSLRs -- that lets you check and change settings at a glance. Overall, experts find the 60D comfortable to use.


Very good image quality and speed. In head-to-head tests at CNET and, the Canon EOS 60D consistently ranks in the top two places, due in part to the same 18-megapixel compact sensor as found on the Canon EOS 7D (Est. $1,000 (body only)) . The 60D manages 5.3 fps in continuous shooting, and like most DSLRs these days, it can shoot full 1080p HD video in movie mode. However, the 60D lacks continuous autofocus in video mode; you can autofocus while shooting with the Canon, but you must trigger it manually by half-pressing the shutter button. Battery life is truly outstanding at 1,600 shots per charge.


All plastic, but it can still take abuse. Unlike some other DSLRs in its class that have metal parts to their bodies, the Canon EOS 60D's shell is entirely plastic. However, it is sealed against dust and moisture, which you won't get on most entry-level models. The Canon feels "durable enough to survive day-to-day life," says Mark Goldstein at Owners agree, including one who dropped the 60D "from a countertop to hardwood floor with a heart-stopping thud sound," but it still worked.


Lacks a couple of key features. The Canon EOS 60D is missing two important add-ons. This model has just one memory card slot and it lacks autofocus fine-tuning, which editors at call "a shame of an omission." This feature can compensate for lenses that aren't tuned exactly right. Otherwise, the Canon EOS 60D is just as full-featured as other cameras in its price range. It has most of the goodies enthusiasts want, including bracketing and built-in wireless flash control, as well as a few preset Scene modes.

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Pros or semi-pros may prefer the more full-featured Canon EOS 7D, but many others will be happy with the EOS 60D's movable LCD screen, HD movie capability and very good image quality, testers say. Editors give the camera a Silver Award.

Review: Canon EOS 60D Review, Richard Butler and Simon Joinson, November 2010


The Canon EOS 60D "takes great pictures and videos, works like a charm and does incredibly well in low light," reviewers conclude after lengthy testing. It was a top pick here, but the Nikon D7000 has supplanted it.

Review: Canon 60D Review, Shawn Barnett, Dave Etchells, Mike Tomkins and Zig Weidelich, Jan. 29, 2011


With a terrific HD movie mode, wonderful image quality and a handy vari-angle screen, the Canon EOS 60D is highly recommended by However, Mark Goldstein later prefers the Nikon D7000.

Review: Canon EOS 60D Review, Mark Goldstein, Oct. 14, 2010

4. Popular Photography

Phil Ryan agrees with Canon's positioning of the EOS 60D as intermediary between its Rebel line and the pro-oriented 7D. Testing the EOS 60D against its direct competitor, the Nikon D7000, Ryan gives the edge to the Canon camera for its higher resolution, better noise reduction and ability to focus in dimmer light than the Nikon.

Review: Lab Test: Canon 60D, Phil Ryan, Jan. 13, 2011


In this head-to-head battle, the Canon EOS 60D loses to the Nikon D7000. Lori Grunin and Joshua Goldman like the Canon's video quality a little better, but the Nikon's faster shooting and better design put it over the top.

Review: Prizefight: Canon EOS 60D vs. Nikon D7000, Lori Grunin and Joshua Goldman, Feb. 10, 2011


With more than 675 customer reviews posted, the Canon EOS 60D maintains an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Some comments are extremely detailed, and the few low ratings usually come from buyers who received faulty cameras.

Review: Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera, Contributors to, As of February 2014

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