Canon EOS 7D

  • Great image quality
  • Pro-grade speed and features
  • All-metal and weather-sealed
  • Fast continuous shooting
  • No continuous autofocus in movie mode
  • Only one card slot
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Bottom line

The EOS 7D is the best compact-sensor Canon you can buy. It is aimed at advanced photographers, and buttons can be reassigned if you don't like their layout. Its fast continuous shooting speed of 8 fps will please action photographers, and its excellent photo quality will suit everyone. The 7D contains many professional-grade features found in more expensive DSLR cameras.

Ease of use

A "joy to shoot with." Since it's aimed toward advanced photographers, including pros on a budget, the Canon EOS 7D skips novice-oriented features. For example, you won't find Portrait or Landscape presets on the mode dial; they're still there, but you have to hit the menu. Experts like the way the buttons are laid out, but if you don't, just reassign them. The 100 percent optical viewfinder shows everything in your shot, which "inspires more confidence when framing,"'s Shawn Barnett says. What's missing is the swiveling LCD screen from comparable cameras. Overall, says, the Canon EOS 7D is a "joy to shoot with."


Fast enough for serious action photography. The 7D is the cheapest Canon that's fast enough for serious sports and action shooters, experts say. It can fire off 8 fps: "just what serious photographers on a budget have needed to capture sporting events without an outrageous initial investment," says Barnett. In movie mode, the Canon 7D can shoot full 1080p HD video at 24, 25 or 30 fps, and "is quite good, despite the lack of continuous autofocus," Barnett reports. Battery life is rated at 1,000 shots per charge, which is very good for its class.


All-metal and weather-sealed. Unlike cheaper DSLRs, the Canon EOS 7D is built for rugged use. It's fully weather-sealed so you can shoot in dusty or rainy conditions, with a tough magnesium alloy shell. Less expensive DSLRs usually use plastic bodies to save weight and cost. Experts say plastic bodies are tough enough, but they all count the 7D's metal body as an advantage. So do plenty of owners, who say it "gets rid of the concern [about] little dings and dongs while in action," as one user notes.


Handy tools for advanced shooters. The Canon EOS 7D has just one memory card slot, so you have nowhere for your overflow shots. However, like pro-level cameras, the 7D uses faster Compact Flash (CF) cards instead of the SD cards that cheaper cameras use. There's a built-in electronic level that shows both pitch and tilt, on both the viewfinder and LCD, and the pop-up flash can wirelessly command a slew of external flashes -- as many as three groups of four flashes each. A handy button lets you toggle between RAW and JPEG capture. "Such conveniences are what makes the Canon 7D ideal for the serious photographer," Barnett says.

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