Canon EOS Rebel T5i

  • Touch-screen, articulated LCD
  • Intuitive to use
  • Good burst shooting speed
  • No Wi-Fi or GPS
  • Ho-hum features

Bottom line

Reviewers call the Canon EOS Rebel T5i a "reliable and versatile entry-level DSLR camera." It replaces the highly reviewed but now-discontinued Rebel T4 and has all of the same features, plus a kit lens option. Its articulated touch-screen LCD allows you to be creative in the angles at which you shoot photos. The EOS Rebel T5i is easy to use for beginners, yet delivers reliable and consistent quality images and video.

Ease of use

Flip-out touch-screen LCD. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i has a 3-inch flip-out LCD touch screen that adjusts to a variety of angles for creative photo shooting. Several reviewers call the touch-screen interface "intuitive," and beginners can use the built-in intelligence mode to adjust settings according to the surrounding environment so photos turn out great every time. The external dials and knobs are easy to access, and you can switch seamlessly between these and the touch screen. A product tour explains many of the T5i's features and it comes with a printed user manual.


Excellent video capabilities. At 18 megapixels, and with an ISO sensitivity of ISO 100 to 12,800, expandable to 25,600, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i offers less resolution than some other cameras in this class, but consequently has less image noise. However, reviewers praise its image quality and say its video creation capabilities, at 1080p, "rival professional-level productions." Testers achieved a burst speed of 7.6 fps even though the advertised speed is 5 fps. Battery life is 550 shots per charge, about standard for entry-level DSLRs.


As robust as other EOS Rebel cameras. Reviews of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i generally don't refer directly to its durability, but say it has the same sturdy build as the EOS Rebel T5. That camera, in turn, was based on the popular and well-reviewed Rebel T3, so the T5i's body has been around for a while. It "lacks the robustness of Canon's professional-level DSLRs," says Angela Nicholson at, but still feels well made. However, the EOS Rebel T5i does have a new "upmarket" textured body finish.


Mixed reviews for features. While the Canon EOS Rebel T5i has all the standard features you'd expect on an entry-level DSLR, it lacks some up-to-date options such as Wi-Fi and GPS. Some reviewers complain that the Rebel T5i also lacks some traditional features, including time-lapse and multiple exposure. On the plus side, the T5i makes full use of the Live View mode, which allows you to see in real time what you are shooting, along with any Creative Filters you are applying.

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Our Sources


Using its European designation of EOS 700D, Mark Goldstein says the Canon EOS Rebel T5i seems to have been released just to accompany the new EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens. With the disappearance of the Rebel T4i, the T5i is now the best mid-range Canon DSLR on the market.

Review: Canon EOS 700D Review, Mark Goldstein, June 18, 2013


Editors at modify the write-up for the Canon EOS Rebel T4i for the Rebel T5i, identifying any differences. Saying they've "known fruit flies [that] live longer" than the T4i, they conclude that the T5i is a good entry-level DSLR, which suits both compact camera upgraders and more seasoned users.

Review: Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i In-depth Review, Amadou Diallo and Andy Westlake, June 2013


Focusing on the slight differences between the Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T4i) and 700D (Rebel T5i), Nicholson says the 700D now goes head to head with the 24 megapixel Nikon 5200D.

Review: Canon 700D Review, Angela Nicholson, May 20, 2013


Lori Grunin points out that the Canon EOS Rebel T5i is just the highly rated but now-discontinued Rebel T4i with a few minor changes. That's the good; the bad is that Canon's competitors have caught up and overtaken the manufacturer in some aspects, namely the Live View feature and the video quality.

Review: Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review, Lori Grunin, May 24, 2013


In this extensive review of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Kyle Schurman starts with what's in the box and then covers performance, specifications, features and controls. He concludes that the T5i's touch-screen capabilities are a hit with beginners, who also like the new Creative Filters.

Review: Canon EOS Digital Rebel T5i Review, Kyle Schurman, Sept. 27, 2013

6. Popular Photography

Stating that a "tradition of inexpensive excellence continues" with the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Philip Ryan rates the T5i's photo quality as excellent at ISO 100. Beyond this, quality falls, although not significantly. The Rebel T5i has less resolution but also less noise than its rival, the Nikon D3200, and focuses faster.

Review: Camera Test: Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Philip Ryan, July 23, 2013


More than 100 owners of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i post reviews on, giving the camera an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. Several professional photographers use the T5i, and the site offers very detailed descriptions of people's experiences with the camera.

Review: Canon Rebel T5i Digital SLR Camera, Contributors to, As of February 2014

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