Digital Thermometers : Ratings of Sources

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Digital Thermometers: Ratings of Sources

1. Thermometer Ratings, Editors of, As of January 2016
The editors of evaluate a selection of top digital thermometers, including stick thermometers for oral use, rectal thermometers, and temporal thermometers. Each thermometers is tested for accuracy, repeatability and features; they also are ranked and rated against each other.  Ultimately, four thermometers are recommended for their superior performance.
2. The Best Baby Thermometer, Melanie Monroe Rosen, Not Dated
The author and undisclosed helpers spent 35 hours researching 30 thermometers, eventually settling on 13 to test with the help of two cooperative children. In lieu of comparative scores, Rosen offers a comprehensive discussion of how each thermometer performed, along with an overview of general thermometer technology and types.
3. Thermometers, Contributors to, As of January 2016
Credibility: offers hundreds of different thermometer listings, although sometimes the same product is listed several times. Most thermometers have a healthy number of reviews; a few standouts have even accumulated thousands.  Reviews tend to be highly detailed and owners often come back after months or years to give durability updates.
4. Thermometers, Contributors to, As of January 2016
Credibility: is often a good source for user reviews, but when it comes to thermometer listings it's either all or nothing: If a listing has any reviews at all, it most likely has hundreds' others are in single-digits However, we find good feedback for those thermometers that also rank well elsewhere, and owners can say if they would recommend the product.
5. Thermometers, Contributors to, As of January 2016
Credibility: sells about a dozen types of thermometers, most of which have at least one hundred user reviews. Most users post a few sentence about their thermometer, plus a short list of pros and cons and a "bottom line" summary. Standout models receive an overall rating of at least 4 stars.
6. Thermometers, Contributors to, As of January 2016
Target offers a good selection of personal thermometers for sale. Reviews typically average a short paragraph; some include optional star ratings for ease of use, effectiveness and value.
7. Best Forehead Thermometer: Review of Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer, Jennifer Wolf, Not Dated
The author, the expert on single parenting for, "splurged" on a temporal artery thermometer and tried it on her sick child. Although this review only covers one item it's still useful, listing basic use instructions and observations about the pros and cons of the thermometer's real-world operation.
8. Digital Thermometers, Juliet Spurrier, MD, May 23, 2013
Credibility: generally does detailed roundups of product categories. This is one of the instances in which they review and recommend only one product. While they are a well-respected source in general, there is no mention of hands on testing of this baby thermometer.