Vicks Baby Thermometer V934

Basic rectal thermometer

  • Ergonomic design
  • Accurate reading
  • Easy to use
  • Round handle rolls on tabletops
  • Short battery life

Bottom line

Ideal for obtaining rectal temperatures that doctors say are most accurate, the Vicks Baby Thermometer V934 has a short tip, audible alert when the reading is complete -- in about 10 seconds -- and a soft, flexible tip for comfort. For older children, a thermometer that can also be used orally and under-the-arm is more practical, such as the ReliOn 60 Second Rigid (Est. $3).


Fast and accurate. The Vicks Baby Thermometer V934 is designed for rectal use with a short tip that ensures caregivers cannot insert it too far into a baby's rectum. Parents love this form of insurance and say it has the bells and whistles necessary for performance without overdoing it.

Reviewers posting feedback to sites such as, and like the waterproof, hypoallergenic tip and say this thermometer provides accurate readings. The Vicks Baby Thermometer also offers fast readouts in about 10 seconds, which reviewers say is ideal for squirming babies. Though users find it to be a great thermometer, it can only take rectal temperatures, which may not be appropriate for older children and adults.

Ease of use

Safety features reduce anxiety. The short ComfortFlex probe tip makes taking a child's rectal temperature easy for both parent and child, owners say. A simple on/off button activates this thermometer and a series of 10 beeps lets you know the reading is complete.

The Vicks Baby Thermometer is ergonomically designed with a round handle to fit in the palm. This award-winning model is popular with parents. One complaint about the round handle is it rolls when placed on countertops, which can lead to the contaminated tip coming into contact with surfaces. Owners also complain that the battery life is poor.

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Our Sources


More than 225 owners review the Vicks Baby Thermometer V934 at, giving it 3.6 out of 5 stars. Owners appreciate the comfort of knowing that you can't insert the tip of this thermometer too far. They also say it's easy to use, gives fast readings and is more accurate than ear thermometers, which are difficult to use properly. Some negative comments note that this round thermometer can roll when placed on flat surfaces, and several owners say the battery dies quickly and is difficult to replace.

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In this report, David Gregg, senior editor of, explains features of digital thermometers. Several models, including the Vicks Baby Thermometer V934, are featured. Models aren't ranked, but Gregg explains that all thermometers reviewed are accurate and a good value. The web article from the segment provides important specs on the Vicks Baby Thermometer, including age requirement, testing location and other special features. It's unclear whether the thermometers have been tested.

Review: A Higher Degree of Thermometer, Editors of, Sept. 24, 2009


The Vicks Baby Thermometer V934 is one of the highest-reviewed at with an average rating of 91 out of a possible 100. While there are only 15 owner reviews here, they are detailed. Owners say it's quick, easy to use and gives otherwise nervous parents confidence that they won't hurt their babies when taking a rectal temperature.

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The Toys "R" Us website allows users to rate and describe their experiences with various products. Among digital thermometers, the Vicks Baby Thermometer V934 stands out, rated 4.6 out of 5 stars in more than 110 user reviews. Users like the Vicks for its fast and accurate readings plus its ease of use.

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