Olympus DM-620 Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Olympus DM-620
Bottom Line

When it comes to capturing crisp audio from public meetings, interviews or even concerts, the Olympus DM-620 delivers flexibility and performance in a portable package. Killer sound from the Tresmic 3 mic system pairs with a handful of extras to make the DM-620 perfect for work or play.


A quality trio. The Olympus DM-620's three-microphone setup and adjustable presets make it a workhorse in terms of capturing the best quality in a range of recording environments. The unit's two outer microphones are placed at an angle, while the adjustable center mic picks up bass ranges for balanced recordings. Radio magazine's Gil Wilson notes, "The added ambiance of the center mic makes the recordings on this device pop." Range is another plus mentioned by reviewers, since the DM-620 maintains excellent audio clarity even up to 55 feet away from the audio source, depending on the situation.

  • Three-mic setup delivers great sound quality
  • Intuitive interface
  • Voice guidance for the visually impaired
  • Playback volume is low
  • Quirky file-naming and menu system
  • No warning when battery is about to die

Ease of use

Accessible but persnickety. Recording with the Olympus DM-620 takes little effort for most users, but some less tech-minded owners find getting a grasp of the recorder's features a challenge. Others don't care for the menu system and the way files are named. The 4 GB of onboard memory offers a lot of recording time, and a microSD card slot lets that be easily expanded (up to 32 GB). Voice guidance offers extra help for those using the DM-620 in poorly lit situations or for those with a visual impairment.


A top performer for office work and meetings. In terms of audio quality, the Olympus DM-620 packs an impressive punch, which makes it invaluable for those seeking to capture clear recordings for transcribing. The interface has its quirks, but the overall performance of this digital recorder outweighs the minor gripes.

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At Amazon.com, the Olympus DM-620 is a popular digital voice-recorder pick among court reporters and others who use it to capture meetings, lectures and interviews. It earns favorable reviews here as well, with an overall score of 4.5 stars out of 5, following more than 50 comments from owners.

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