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1. DV Magazine
June 17, 2011
The Great Portable Digital Audio Recorder Comparison
by Rob Sandall
Our AssessmentRob Sandall offers a detailed roundup of digital audio recorders from Roland, Zoom, Tascam and Olympus, of which he makes some recommendations. Testing here is hands-on, complete with talking and guitar sound clips taken simultaneously on each recorder from the same session for comparison. Analysis is competent, and Sandall points out the specific strengths and weaknesses of each model. On the downside, some of the recorders -- including one of the recommended models -- are discontinued.
Aug. 15, 2013
The Best Voice Recorder
by Bryan Gardiner
Our AssessmentBryan Gardiner provides a comprehensive roundup of the digital audio recorder market for The piece covers most budget-priced voice recorders available -- with price points of less than $100 -- and there is strong emphasis on clarity and value.
As of April 2014
Digital Voice Recorders
by Contributors to
Our's users are eager to review and rate the products they've purchased, making it a good spot to track down consumer opinions about digital voice recorders. While some digital audio recorders attract only a handful of comments, others receive lots, in some cases hundreds, of reviews. As with most user review sites, the quality of the feedback can vary. Some reviews are highly detailed, others a line or two at best.
As of April 2014
Portable Digital Recorders
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThanks to its large, tech-savvy customer base, B&H's site is full of detailed customer reviews on digital audio recorders aimed at music- and audio-recording enthusiasts. Elsewhere on the site you will find reviews of voice recorders that are ideal for school and work. In addition to ratings, reviewers typically post whether or not they would recommend the voice recorder to a friend. Those reviewers verified as actually having bought the recorder are identified.
Audio Recorders
by Jeremy Rue
Our AssessmentJeremy Rue's rundown of digital recorders explores the strengths and weaknesses of each model, based on his own experiences and those of others using the devices during workshops at the Knight Digital Media Center at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. While Rue notes the positives and negatives of most models, no voice recorder is specifically recommended. Important specs are handily listed for each digital voice recorder, such as supported audio formats. Many of the recorders covered in this older review are still available, but others are discontinued.
6. Radio magazine
As of April 2014
Field Reports
by Contributors to Radio
Our AssessmentRadio magazine has several reviews of digital audio recorders, primarily written by working broadcast professionals. The reviews are variable in quality, but provide valuable insights into how each recorder performs. No ratings are assigned, and finding the reviews takes a little patience as they are listed alongside reviews of many other types of gear.
As of April 2014
Portable & Field Recorders
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAt, digital audio recorders tend to get a few dozen reviews at best. However, users are often professional musicians or dedicated amateurs who've put their digital audio recorders through extensive practical use. Like user reviews everywhere, quality is variable, but some offer relatively detailed comments.
As of April 2014
Digital Voice Recorders
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentCustomer reviews for digital voice recorders on offer some excellent feedback and perspective from those who record meetings, interviews and general audio at home and in the office. A solid spread of mid-range and cheaper digital recorder models is included on the site. Reviews tend to be shorter and more to the point than we see elsewhere.
As of April 2014
Voice Recorders
by Contributors to
Our's customer review base isn't anywhere as robust as at sites like Most digital voice recorders only get a handful of reviews, but some draw more feedback than others.
Not Dated
Top 8 Digital Voice Recorders
by Susan Ward
Our AssessmentCanadian business writer Susan Ward covers a range of digital voice recorders for The Zoom H4n is listed as the top pick, referencing CNET's review of the recorder which recommends the model for musicians and podcasters. Some of the other models in the article are discontinued, and it's not clear how much, if any, hands-on testing was used to determine the selections.

Digital voice recorder for professionals

Samson Zoom H4n
Samson Zoom H4n

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