Sony ICD-PX333 Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Sony ICD-PX333
Bottom Line

The Sony ICD-PX333 is a good choice if you need an inexpensive digital voice recorder for basic tasks, such as recording a lecture in class to transcribe later or for jotting down that fleeting idea for your best-selling novel. Reviewers say sound quality is great for the money, and audio typically comes in clear. It's portable, includes 4 GB of internal memory that can be expanded, and sports a simple interface.


Good sound for a budget price. Like all digital voice recorders in the budget price range, the Sony ICD-PX333 isn't a good choice for audiophiles or professionals who need above-average sound quality. It is, however, great for recording and transcribing interviews, as well as lectures in a typical classroom setting. According to user reviews, voices typically come in clear and are easy enough to understand; some claim to have used the ICD-PX333 for recording music audio, such as capturing a choir performance. On the downside, some owners report its sole internal mic may pick up too much background in anything but the most controlled of settings. The ICD-PX333 records in MP3 format only -- there's no lossless WAV support. There's a speaker so you can listen to recordings on the fly, but it suffers from low volume.

  • Good sound for interviews and note-taking
  • Small size
  • Decent features for a bare-bones recorder
  • Only records in MP3 format
  • Picks up background noise in certain situations
  • LCD screen can be hard to read

Ease of use

Easy to use, with basic features. The Sony ICD-PX333 digital voice recorder doesn't boast many of the advanced features of more expensive models -- and many owners see this as a good thing, considering it's intended for the most basic of recording tasks. It saves files as MP3 automatically, which can be uploaded to a Mac or PC via the included USB cable. Its 4 GB of internal flash memory can be expanded with a microSD card, and it earns praise from owners for its battery life, recording capacity and compact size. It does offer a handful of features such as Scene Select, which saves specific settings for a later recording, as well as a filter for reducing background noise -- though it's hard to say how well this feature works, given a lack of reviews that address it.


Solid contender in the budget category. Reviewers say the Sony ICD-PX333 is a great digital voice recorder for all-around use and basic audio needs. It strikes a welcome balance of affordability, portability and performance for a relatively cheap price. However, while we haven't spotted any consistent durability or quality-control issues, feedback from experts and owners is too limited thus far to unseat our Best Reviewed pick in this category, the Olympus VN-702PC (Est. $45).

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