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Dishwasher Rating Sources

Total of 16 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
May 2013
Recommended Dishwashers
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentEditors at ConsumerReports.org evaluated 214 dishwashers in this comparative test, although not all of them are actually tested; some are rated based on their similarity to tested models. Editors smear a range of sticky foods, including peanut butter, raspberry jam and egg yolk on dishes, which are scraped but not rinsed. Machines are rated according to cleaning ability, energy efficiency, noise level, ease of use and cycle time. Nearly all tested dishwashers clean well, but more expensive models tend to be quieter and offer more convenience features. A valuable sidebar addresses overall brand reliability.
2. J.D. Power & Associates
July 17, 2013
2013 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study: Dishwasher
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentJ.D. Power and Associates' most recent survey of appliance brands analyzes responses from more than 4,000 consumers who have recently bought dishwashers. Brands are rated in six categories: ease of use, performance and reliability, styling and appearance, features, price, and warranty. Kenmore Elite is the award recipient for highest overall customer satisfaction. Other top brands include KitchenAid, Bosch, LG and Miele. Respondents aren't asked to rank specific models.
Not dated
by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy
Our AssessmentEnergyStar.gov is a program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) that helps businesses and consumers save money and protect the environment through increased energy efficiency. This site has an extensive list of Energy Star-compliant dishwashers that it says are, on average, 10 percent more energy efficient and 20 percent more water efficient than standard models. The website includes each model's energy and water use, as well as energy-factor ratings, which measure an appliance's efficiency. The site also offers tips on purchasing a dishwasher and using it efficiently, but specific models aren't recommended.
Super Efficient Home Appliances Initiative Dishwasher Qualifying Product List
by Editors of CEE
Our AssessmentThe Consortium for Energy Efficiency includes efficiency program administrators in the United States and Canada who aim to accelerate the development and availability of energy-efficient products. CEE runs a certification program similar to Energy Star, although some of its levels, or "tiers," require a level of efficiency that may surpass that of Energy Star. The website includes a PDF of dishwashers that meet CEE standards but does not recommend specific models.
5. BestBuy.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentMore than 200 built-in dishwasher models are sold at BestBuy.com, but only a handful get 50 or more reviews. Of these, the Bosch SHE3AR56UC, Bosch SHX43R55UC, Bosch SHE3AR75UC and Bosch SHE3AR52UC earn ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars or better. Some KitchenAid, LG, Whirlpool and Frigidaire models also earn high ratings (4 out of 5 stars or higher) albeit with fewer reviews.
6. Sears.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSears carries nearly 300 dishwasher models from a wide range of brands, but many receive only a few reviews. However, Sears is the only retail site with user ratings for Kenmore dishwashers, so it's worth a look if you're considering a Kenmore unit. Among models that receive 100 or more reviews, Whirlpool and Kenmore are by far the most highly rated brands. Of note: Some reviews are taken from manufacturer websites.
7. HomeDepot.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHome Depot sells more than 200 dishwasher models; some receive less than a handful of reviews, and others earn more than 100. Of the latter group, Whirlpool dishwashers seem especially popular, with several models in this line garnering more than 100 reviews and average ratings of 4 stars out of 5 or higher. Several Maytag models have an equally high number of reviews and positive ratings. However, many of the reviews on this website are not original, but reprinted from manufacturer websites. These reviews are identified on the comments pages.
8. AJMadison.com
As of July 2013
Built In Dishwashers Reviews
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentAlmost 450 dishwashers at AJMadison.com have at least one user review, but most have just a few. Only a handful of these have 20 or more owner comments. The highest-rated machine with a significant number of reviews is the Fisher & Paykel Drawers Dishwasher DD603 (discontinued), which earns a rating of 5 stars out of 5. The Bosch SHE5AL0 (4.6 stars out of 5) earns the next highest rating. Keep in mind, however, that in some cases, the ratings on this website are reprinted from the comment sections of manufacturer websites and are identified as such.
9. Amazon.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com sells a large selection of built-in and portable dishwashers. Built-in models garner very few reviews, but there are a fair number of reviews for portable models. Of these, the Danby DDW1899WP and Sunpentown SD2201W both earn average ratings of 4 or higher, with about 100 reviews each.
10. Walmart.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com carries nine portable dishwashers on its website, and while most garner only a handful or so of owner reviews, the Danby DDW1899WP draws a whopping number -- nearly 420. Users are overwhelmingly positive about this model; the next most popular model, the Sunpentown SD2201S, has a similar rating but about 70 reviews.
11. AbesOfMaine.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to AbesOfMaine.com
Our AssessmentAbe's of Maine, a New Jersey-based retailer with a showroom as well as a website, offers almost 500 dishwasher models on its website. Reviews are detailed, with helpful lists of "pros" and "cons" as well as comments. The website garners few reviews compared with other retail websites we've analyzed, but we use it as an additional source of information about consumer experiences.
12. Choice magazine
July 15, 2013
Dishwashers Reviews
by Matthew Steen
Our AssessmentChoice magazine is the Australian equivalent of ConsumerReports.org, with testing that's just as detailed. In its latest roundup, 35 dishwashers are evaluated for washing and drying ability, energy and water use, and noise. Four machines are recommended. While most of the brands rated here are available in the U.S., specific models are not.
13. Which? magazine
May 2013
by Editors of Which? magazine
Our AssessmentLike Choice magazine, this British magazine is similar to ConsumerReports.org, and it tests dishwashers on an ongoing basis. As of May 2013, nearly 160 dishwashers are rated, with 32 models recommended. Some brands -- such as Bosch, Miele and Whirlpool -- will be familiar to American readers, but model numbers and specifications differ.
14. Consumer magazine
April 23, 2013
by Editors of Consumer magazine
Our AssessmentConsumer magazine is a New Zealand publication that performs extensive tests of dishwashers, much like ConsumerReports.org. Editors test 21 machines in the most recent report, and six are recommended. Results of a brand reliability survey are included. As with Which? and Choice magazines, the models recommended in Consumer aren't sold in the U.S.
15. Buzzillions.com
As of July 2013
Dishwasher Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions collects user reviews from other websites. The list of dishwashers can be sorted based on star rating or number of reviews, making it easy to pick out the models with the most positive comments. Model numbers aren't always listed, however, making it difficult to tell exactly which dishwasher is being recommended. Because the reviews on this site overlap with those from other sites we use as sources, we use it only to find additional feedback on top-rated models.
16. Viewpoints.com
As of July 2013
The Best Dishwashers: Dishwasher Reviews & Ratings
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentViewpoints.com offers user feedback on more than 400 dishwashers. Most of the listed models have only a handful of comments, but a few stand out with a sizable number of reviews and high average ratings. Viewpoints conveniently ranks the listed machines by average star rating and also provides a handy list of the most commonly cited pros and cons for each. However, all of the current top-rated dishwashers at this site are now discontinued.
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