Dishwasher Ratings: Top Rated Dishwashers

Updated April 25, 2016
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Dishwasher Rating Sources

1. Recommended Dishwashers, Editors of, Not Dated
Editors at evaluate nearly 170 dishwashers in this comparative test, although not all of them are actually tested; some are rated based on their similarity to tested models. Editors smear a range of sticky foods, including peanut butter, raspberry jam and egg yolk on dishes, which are scraped but not rinsed. Machines are rated according to cleaning ability, energy efficiency, noise level, ease of use and cycle time.
2. Dishwashers, Editors of, As of April 2016
Credibility: is another prolific reviewer of dishwashers. This page names top picks overall, and by price and features. Links lead to full reviews of the named dishwashers, and to reviews of all dishwashers tested. Dishwashers get a numerical rating, and some are further singled out for Editors' Choice and Best of the Year honors. Testing is well documented.
3. Good Housekeeping Dishwashers, Editors of Good Housekeeping, As of April 2016
While some of these reviews are older, there are newer dishwashers in this compilation as well, and results of testing are well-detailed. Editors rank dishwashers on a 5-star system, and pros and cons are listed. In all, 18 dishwashers were tested, although they are not specifically ranked and rated against each other.
4. Dishwashers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, Not Dated
Credibility: is a program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) that helps businesses and consumers save money and protect the environment through increased energy efficiency. This site has an extensive list of Energy Star-certified dishwashers that it says are, on average, 5 percent more energy efficient and 15 percent more water efficient than standard models. The website includes each model's energy and water use, as well as energy-factor ratings, which measure an appliance's efficiency. The site also offers tips on purchasing a dishwasher and using it efficiently. However, recommendations are not made.
5. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: is a popular destination for dishwashers of all types, both built-in and portable, and the main page makes them easily sortable by type. Some of the reviews on this website are not posted by the site's users but are drawn from manufacturer websites. Those reviews are identified, however, and there are plenty of reviews that are unique to the site.
6. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of March 2016
Credibility: sells many of the same dishwasher types and brands as Home Depot, and they get similar ratings here -- no surprise since they, too, import reviews from the manufacturer's websites. Reviewers sort their ratings by features, value, design, quality and ease of use, and also say if they would recommend the item.
7. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Hundreds of different built-in and portable dishwasher models are sold at Though some only get a handful of reviews, or none at all, many draw dozens and even hundreds of owner opinions. Unlike most retail websites, which cull some of their reviews from the manufacturer's website,'s are all unique, verified Best Buy customers.
8. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Sears carries nearly 300 dishwasher models from a wide range of brands. Many receive only a few reviews, but a few get hundreds. In addition, Sears is the only retail site with user ratings for Kenmore dishwashers, so it's a top destination for feedback if you're considering a Kenmore unit. Of note: the reviews for Kenmore dishwashers are unique to this site, but many reviews for other brands are taken from manufacturer websites.
9. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
We found lots of dishwashers at Many have only a handful of reviews, or none at all. Others have hundreds, but as is the case with, those with the most feedback borrow heavily from the user comments posted at manufacturer web sites.
10. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: is another Internet retailer with many dishwashers -- more than 425 at last look. Most get at least some feedback, and a handful get hundreds of reviews. Like many retailers, some dishwasher ratings are heavily skewed by feedback originally posted at the manufacturer web site, but there are also a fairly good number of reviews that are unique to this site.
11. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: sells a large selection of built-in and portable dishwashers. Built-in models garner very few reviews, but there are a fair number of reviews for portable models. Some ratings are dragged down over issues with sellers rather than issues with the dishwashers themselves. On the plus side, does not syndicate reviews from other sites, so all feedback here is unique.
12. Dishwashers, Contributors to, As of April 2016
Credibility: only carries a handful of dishwashers on its website, and most are portable models. Feedback is relatively limited, though a couple of countertop models draw a good number. Reviews appear to be unique to and not drawn from other sources.