Domain Name Registration Reviews

Updated May 31, 2013
Does it really matter where you buy your domain names? While it's true that all domain registrars do pretty much the same thing, their policies vary when it comes to how you control your domain name once you buy it. For example, how easy is it to switch registrars? We checked out reviews of and other domain registrars to find the most reliable companies.
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Best domain registration service

Reviewers and customers say that wears a white hat, and prices are extremely competitive. Email and URL forwarding, security features and domain-management control are included with all registration. Privacy protection is an option, as are email accounts. Support is through email only, however.
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$10 Domain name registration at
Best Reviewed
Best domain registrar for multiple domains sets itself apart with a feature called Domain Nabber, which helps users claim coveted domains that have recently expired. Otherwise, the service is similar to NameCheap, offering domain and email forwarding, privacy features and upfront pricing. Support is available by phone and email.
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Choosing a domain name registrar

You've worked hard to come up with a catchy and meaningful domain name for your new website and now you want to register it. But the large number of domain registration companies, along with the myriad of add-ons and services they offer, confuses the relatively simple process of buying a domain name.

Price is no longer such a differentiating factor; most services charge about $10 per month and up. But domain registration providers do differ in the ease of use of their website and how they handle the registration process. In an industry rife with questionable business practices, it's important to keep these considerations in mind when choosing a domain name registration service.

The biggest issue to watch out for is upselling. Once you register your domain, most companies will want to sell you more services as you check out, and after you complete the sale. is one of the biggest culprits in this area -- while they offer lots of discounts, they're constantly trying to get you to upgrade.

An alternative is to use a web host to register your domain name. Bundling the service together can potentially save you money and make managing your website a little easier. We discuss the pros and cons of this tactic later in this report. Our web hosting report outlines the different types of services that are available as well as how much you can expect to spend.

There's a distinct lack of up-to-date, credible professional and user reviews of domain registration providers. and offer short roundups of their favorite domain name registrars. User reviews at rate domain name providers, but the reviews are undated.'s roundup of domain hosting providers doesn't indicate direct testing. CNET and PCWorld offer general advice about choosing a domain name registrar, without making specific recommendations.