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Double Strollers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 27 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
Not dated
Traditional Stroller Buying Guide
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentEditors at ConsumerReports.org test and rate a number of double tandem and side-by-side strollers for ease of use, safety, maneuverability and folded size. ConsumerReports.org is known for its rigorous, unbiased testing methods. The report also includes an overview of how the testing was performed and specs for each stroller. User reviews are available but do not factor into the rankings. This report was recently updated.
2. Which? magazine
Not dated
Pushchairs: Best Buys
by Editors of Which? magazine
Our AssessmentWhich? is a U.K.-based consumer magazine that tests strollers with parents and lab experts for safety, ease of use and maneuverability. Its reviews are objective and comprehensive, listing pros and cons, explaining in detail how the stroller works and fits various lifestyles. It uses a star rating system. Parent reviews are available as well. Full specifications are given for each stroller, and the reviews are updated as models are updated.
3. Baby Bargains
Ninth edition, 2011
Double the Fun: Strollers for Two
by Denise and Alan Fields
Our AssessmentThis excellent book includes buyer's guides and ratings for all types of baby gear, including double strollers. The authors conduct hands-on testing and also interview parents, manufacturers and retailers. Parents posting to Amazon.com say this is the best baby gear book available, with plenty of current info and lots of attitude, including sections aimed at steering consumers away from unnecessary features. The publisher's website includes a forum where parents can discuss strollers as well as several stroller reviews that didn't fit into the book and updates on important safety recalls.
4. Babble.com
Dec. 3, 2012
Babble Blogger Favorites: Top Double Strollers of 2012
by Michelle Horton
Our AssessmentMichelle Horton, who writes extensively about strollers, says she spent the past year "rallying local moms" to help her test double strollers to choose the best double strollers of 2012. The result is 14 strollers in various categories, from versatility to value. Each stroller has a complete overview and a suggestion as to its best use.
5. BabyCenter.com
Not dated
Baby Center 2012 Product Awards
by Editors of BabyCenter.com
Our AssessmentBabyCenter.com debuts what they say will be the first in an annual roundup of best baby products. There are two categories: Editors' Picks and Mom's Picks. Choices are made by BabyCenter.com's "baby gear guru," Jamie Grayson, and by input from readers of BabyCenter.com. No double strollers make it as a top pick, but the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On is one of the five runners up in the category of Best Strollers for Infants.
6. iVillage.com
June 14, 2012
We Love, You Need: The Best Double Strollers of 2012. Which One Should You Buy?
by Kate Bayless
Our AssessmentWith the help of parent testers, Kate Bayless and iVillage.com editors round up the best double strollers for 2012, share stroller stats, what they love, what they wish each one had and then give star ratings from both experts and parents.
7. SheKnows.com
April 23, 2012
Double Strollers: Which One Is Right For You?
by Christina Holt
Our AssessmentEditors of SheKnows.com used parent testers to evaluate various double strollers in the tandem and side-by-side category, eventually narrowing it down to nine top double strollers in its "double stroller showdown." Each stroller gets a short review, focusing only on the main features, without going into any negatives. But they offer an easy-to-read look at what each of the strollers offers, along with a list of what the parents like best about each one.
8. Canadian Family
Summer 2012
Family Tested: The Best Single-to-Double Strollers
by Editors of Canadian Family magazine
Our AssessmentCanadian Family magazine reviews and rates the best strollers that convert from single to double. A family including a child or children tests each stroller by running it through its paces. The reviews are thorough, listing specifications, features, pros, cons and a numerical rating.
9. BabyGizmo.com
Not dated
Standard Double Strollers
by Editors of BabyGizmo.com
Our AssessmentBabyGizmo.com is an excellent source of individual reviews, and editors choose their top strollers in various categories, linking them to thorough reports. They select only two travel systems, but editors tend to evaluate high-end strollers with components that are sold separately, so there aren't a lot of individual travel system reviews.
10. Babble.com
April 26, 2012
New Double Strollers of 2102
by Michelle Horton
Our AssessmentMichelle Horton, who writes extensively about strollers and often has parent testers help her pick her favories, rounds up what she considers to be the best new strollers of 2012. At the time of publication, a couple hadn't been released yet, but all have as of this report update. The reviews are brief, but Horton knows her stuff. The result is eight great strollers that are tops in their class.
11. Canadian Family
Not dated
The 6 Best Double Strollers of 2011
by Editors of Canadian Family magazine
Our AssessmentCanadian Family magazine reviews and rates the Double Strollers of 2011 with the help of its readers. A family including a child or children tests each stroller by running it through its paces. The reviews are thorough, listing specifications, features, pros, cons and a numerical rating.
12. Cheapism.com
Oct. 22, 2012
Best Cheap Double Strollers
by Editors of Cheapism.com
Our AssessmentThis review site, called "A Consumer Reports for the cheap," by the New York Times, provides thorough reviews of double strollers. The reviews are comparative and include pros and cons, and they explain why these strollers match up to higher-end models. However, the reviews are not based upon actual testing, but rather research into product features and safety requirements, reviews from other sources and an elimination of luxury features that raise the price of similar products. It has four top picks for double strollers: two in the Best Cheap Double Stroller category and two in the Good Cheap Double Stroller category.
13. Stroller Queen Reviews
Not dated
by Janet McLaughlin
Our AssessmentSelf-described "stroller queen" Janet McLaughlin reviews various strollers on her website. She puts them through their paces with children of different ages and sizes, taking them out into real-world situations. She also runs them through an obstacle course to see how they handle on a variety of terrains. Her reviews are usually highly positive, with few cons.
14. Amazon.com
As of December 2012
Double Strollers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com lists a huge selection of double strollers, but the site is most useful once you have a stroller in mind. Reviews tend to be detailed and well thought out, listing both pros and cons of various strollers. Some strollers have hundreds of reviews, whole some only have a handful. The reviews have to be considered carefully -- especially when it comes to complaints. Strollers are often downgraded because of factors having nothing to do with the stroller, such as shipping issues. Amazon.com is a particularly good resource for determining how a stroller holds up over the long term.
15. ToysRUs.com
As of December 2012
Double & Triple Strollers
by Contributors to ToysRUs.com
Our AssessmentBabies "R" Us sells a number of "exclusive" stroller models that feature special fabrics but are otherwise no different than the same strollers available at other retailers. The hundreds of strollers they sell have a decent number of reviews, and they tend to be newer than some consumer-review sites, so it's a great site for recent experiences with strollers that may be updates from older models. Like most baby-product sites, reviewers tend to be honest and thorough.
16. Buzzillions.com
As of December 2012
Double Stroller Reviews
by Editors of Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com consolidates thousands of user reviews into an easy-to-read ranking list. The best picks are identified, and each stroller gets an at-a-glance list of pros and cons. You can even narrow the reviews you read, for example, so that you're only reading reviews from parents of two or more children, or from child-care professionals. Overall, this is a good stop for seeing the most user reviews at one time, although some reviews are years old.
17. Parenting.com
Not dated
Our Favorite New Single, Double and Travel Strollers
by Melanie Monroe Rosen
Our AssessmentThis roundup of 23 "cool new strollers" is an overview of strollers with "cool features." There is no mention of testing, and the list is not comparative. The reviews are also extremely brief, with just a quick overview of the stroller.
18. TheStrollerGirl.com
As of December 2012
Confessions, News and Reviews from a Total Stroller Addict
by "Nikki"
Our AssessmentThe Stroller Girl is a mother of nine (including triplets born in 2012) named Nikki. Her reviews are detailed and balanced, but not comparative. However, unlike the Stroller Queen, she sticks to the topic at hand -- strollers -- rather than going off on literary tangents about outings. She also follows up after using the stroller for a while. She'd be ranked higher if her site been around longer. She does not have any roundups of stroller picks, just individual reviews.
19. JoggerMom.com
July 22, 2012
Best Twin Baby Stroller 2012
by Kelly Morse
Our AssessmentThough her site focuses mostly on running strollers, Kelly Morse reviews all types. As the mom of a set of triplets plus an additional child, she understands the important features required in a double stroller. She names the Baby Jogger City Select as the best twin stroller for 2012, pointing out its top features; no negative features are mentioned.
20. GrowingYourBaby.com
Oct. 2, 2012
Featured Review: The Stroll-Air My Duo
by Tanya
Our AssessmentGrowingYourBaby.com has 170,000 readers viewing over 800,000 pages. Every day its diverse team of parents dish on current health studies, newest products, kid's fashions, celebrity families and personal parenting experiences. In this featured review of the StrollAir My Duo, a mom blogger named Tanya takes a very comprehensive look at the features of the stroller, explaining why they're appealing to moms. Though she lists the "Pros" of the My Duo, she says little about the cons, other than the fact she wishes it came with a cup holder. Still, it is a helpful review for anyone considering buying this stroller.
21. Traveling With Baby
Not dated
Best Double/Twin Strollers for Travel
by Shelly Rivoli
Our AssessmentShelly Rivoli blogs about all things related to traveling with an infant, recommending products and giving tips on planning and tools to make travel easier. Her reviews of the best double/twin strollers include a thorough look at the features and why they are a good choice for travel.
22. TheBump.com
Aug. 30, 2012
10 Best Double Strollers
by Editors of TheBump.com
Our AssessmentThis top women's website does a slide show roundup of the 10 Best Double Strollers, one for each of the following categories: Best Space-Saving, Best Storage, Most Versatile, Best for Siblings of Different Ages, Most Safety-Centric, Best for Travel, Best Cold-Weather, Best Jogging, Sturdiest, Best Budget. Each short caption tells why editors feel the stroller is a good pick in its category. There is no mention of testing.
23. Pregnancy & Newborn
Not dated
Double Strollers
by Contributors to Pregnancy & Newborn magazine
Our AssessmentContributors to Pregnancy and Newborn magazine contribute blog-type reviews that cover their experience with a stroller from setup to real-world use. The reviews are not comparative and are not done by experts, but they offer an interesting insight into assembly and first impressions. Some authors update their postings, offering a more long-term look at usage.
24. About.com
Not dated
Top 9 Double Strollers for Two Children, Babies or Twins
by Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE
Our AssessmentThis article by About.com's pregnancy guide, Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, rounds up nine top double strollers, explaining in tiny captions why each is a good pick. Each stroller is pictured, and you can click for more info and places to buy. But the list is a little confusing. Sometimes it mentions a specific stroller model; other times it links to a more general category, like "sit and stand strollers" or "Chicco lightweight double stroller." While many of the models are still in existence, some appear to have been discontinued, indicating that this might be an older list. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
25. About.com
Not dated
Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller for Twins
by Pamela Prindle Fierro
Our AssessmentAbout.com Twins & Multiples guide Pamela Prindle Fierro reviews the Baby Jogger City Mini Double after the accolades it receives from her readers. She says that the nearly full recline, well-padded seats and five-point restraint system make it a top pick for twins. She praises its maneuverability, fairly compact and lightweight size and ability to fold easily, but notes difficulty getting through narrow doorways and halls. Overall, she says it's a good choice for strolling around town. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
26. MBeans.com
Not dated
Double Strollers
by Contributors to MBeans.com
Our AssessmentThis online retailer sells a variety of double strollers, and customers review them for comfort, maneuverability, safety and lifestyle issues. The reviews are helpful and honest, but there aren't a lot of them.
27. CloudMom.com
June 14, 2012
Baby Jogger City Mini Deluxe Double Stroller Review
by Melissa Lawrence
Our AssessmentCloudMom.com is a parenting site founded by Melissa Lawrence, mom of five kids. It offers practical advice and review videos. She recently did a stroller-buying guide and reviewed the Baby Jogger City Mini Double in a separate article, factoring in both pros and cons of the model.
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