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DVRs - Digital Video Recorders: Ratings of Sources

Total of 18 Sources
1. PCMag.com
As of Nov. 2011
Digital Video Recorders
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com says that for those who are Dish Network subscribers, the ViP922 is the best DVR you can get and grants it an Editors' Choice award. The site also provides a detailed review of the TiVo HD Premiere DVR. Joel Santo Domingo is somewhat impressed, saying it is a good upgrade for owners of recent TiVo DVRs and a better upgrade for owners of older TiVo DVRs, yet he says that the improvements might not be enough to make the decision to upgrade a "no-brainer." For non-TiVo owners, the decision is clearer -- most would be better off sticking with one offered by their cable/fiber/satellite TV provider.
2. BigPictureBigSound.com
As of Nov. 2011
Home Theater Reviews: DVR
by Editors of BigPictureBigSound.com
Our AssessmentBigPictureBigSound.com's reports aren't as long as those at some sites, such as PCMag.com, but are still based on testing and packed with enough details to be helpful. The best DVR isn't explicitly named, but a rating system helps with comparisons. Two recently reviewed DVRs rate pretty highly. For Dish Network subscribers, the ViP922 SlingLoaded HD DVR has "groundbreaking features and excellent overall performance."
3. Zatz Not Funny!
As of Nov. 2011
DVR Category
by Dave Zatz
Our AssessmentThis site dedicated to all things related to digital media has lots of helpful news, reviews, hints and tips regarding digital video recorders. In one posting, Dave Zatz opines that, having used the TiVo Premiere as well as DVRs from other providers, he finds little to make the TiVo Premiere a must-have.
4. Gizmo Lovers
Sept. 16, 2011
The Channel Master TV CM-7400, an OTA DVR Alternative to TiVo?
by "MegaZone"
Our AssessmentThough not based on actual testing, this review looks at the features added to the Channel Master TV OTA DVR compared with its predecessor, and contrasts that with the features and cost of a TiVo Premier when used for recording over the air programming. Anonymous reviewer "MegaZone" says that though the Channel Master DVR is cheaper (though that equation is skewed by an expiring TiVo promotion), the more advanced programming guide and greater selection of streaming Internet providers ultimately makes it a better deal.
5. TiVoCommunity.com
As of Nov. 2011
TiVo Community Forums
by Contributors to TiVoCommunity.com
Our AssessmentThis is an active user-discussion site that has lots of information for current or prospective TiVo owners, including some rather detailed and well-illustrated user reviews of the TiVo Premiere. You will also find subforums dedicated to present and past TiVo DVRs, as well as information about programming, upgrading and more. It is also one of the better sources for information about and feedback on the TiVo Premiere Elite.
6. Audioholics.com
As of November 2011
Digital Media Servers
by Editors of Audioholics.com
Our AssessmentAudioholics.com doesn't review a lot of DVRs, but it does weigh in with reports on two choices for Dish Network, the ViP922 and ViP722 HD DVRs. Clint DeBoer says that the ViP922 is a "step into the future of television," despite the fact that it's the only Dish HD DVR that's not compatible with Google TV. In an older review, the ViP722 is called "one of the more impressive satellite TV receivers on the market."
7. AVGuide.com
As of Nov. 2011
DVR Reviews
by Editors of AVGuide.com
Our AssessmentAVGuide.com's reviews are nicely detailed for the most part, but finding them on the site can be challenging. The Dish Network ViP722 is recommended, but that's partially on the strength of Dish Network's programming.
8. DBSTalk.com
As of Nov. 2011
Dish Network Satellite Receiver Forums
by Contributors to DBSTalk.com
Our AssessmentThis enthusiast website includes lots of user-supplied information on Dish Network DVRs, including the ViP922 and the ViP722K. Opinions are rendered, and advice and help are freely given in the many forums and threads here. A separate forum is also available with information about and reviews of DirecTV's DVRs.
9. Engadget.com
As of Nov. 2011
by Editors of EngadgetHD.com
Our AssessmentEngadgetHD.com does a great job of staying on top of the latest news regarding DVRs, but it only does formal reviews on occasion. Testing is done and useful insights are provided, but DVRs are not rated or ranked.
10. CNET
As of Nov. 2011
Digital Video Recorders
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentCNET reviews are fairly detailed, though the coverage is rather odd. The site has ignored some of the more popular DVRs, such as the TiVo Premier, but it does come through with recent reports on the Channel Master CM-7000PAL and the 3-Tuner Moxi HD DVR. An older review of the Dish Network ViP722 (now refreshed as the DuoDVR ViP722K), which scores an Editors' Choice award, can be found. However, that write-up and award is based on the site's review of the now-discontinued ViP622, which was identical save for hard-disk size.
11. The Wall Street Journal
March 24, 2010
New TiVo Mixes TV and Internet, but Falls Short
by Walt Mossberg
Our AssessmentWalt Mossberg tests the TiVo Premiere and finds that it performs as expected with conventional programming. He is less impressed with Internet features, however, and he sees no reason for current TiVo owners to upgrade except if more storage is needed.
12. USA Today
March 25, 2010
New High-def TiVo Premiere Combines Host of Features
by Edward C. Baig
Our AssessmentEdward C. Baig is moderately impressed with the TiVo Premiere, though he adds that it's more an incremental improvement than a "game changer." Positives include the new interface, which makes it "simpler and more fun to find stuff."
13. SatelliteGuys.us
As of Nov. 2011
by Contributors to SatelliteGuys.us
Our AssessmentThis is another satellite TV discussion site. Though more active than DBSTalk.com, there are fewer reviews of DVRs. That said, the site does have a busy forum discussing the Slingbox-enabled Dish Network ViP922 DVR. There's also lots of other information in the various discussions about DirecTV and Dish Network, including questions and answers about the different DVRs for those services.
14. ReviewHorizon.com
April 11, 2010
Dish Network VIP922 Sling Enabled DVR Full Review
by Editors of ReviewHorizon.com
Our AssessmentThis review is long, detailed and well illustrated. The tone is generally positive, but some shortcomings and annoyances (especially with the installation experience) are named. Some initial glitches are reportedly fixed by subsequent updates. The reviewer concludes that the ViP922 is a worthwhile choice for Dish Network subscribers.
15. AVSForum.com
As of Nov. 2011
HDTV Recorders
by Contributors to AVSForum.com
Our AssessmentYou'll find plenty of user information about DVRs from satellite TV, cable company and stand-alone HD DVRs here. Navigation can be tricky, and things can get heated, but most users are helpful, and if you can't find information about a DVR, questions are always welcome.
16. DSLReports.com
As of Nov. 2011
by Contributors to DSLReports.com
Our AssessmentThis discussion site includes forums dedicated to the major cable TV providers, as well as Verizon Fios and AT&T U-verse. Topics are far-ranging, but threads discussing the DVRs each provider offers are common and often helpful.
17. Amazon.com
As of Nov. 2011
Digital Video Recorders
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThis large Internet retailer allows customers to post user reviews of equipment they own, and it is particularly useful for reading owner opinions of TiVo DVRs. Like all user-written reviews, the quality of the individual reports can vary a bit. Navigation can get a bit challenging, however, as the listing includes lots of non-DVR set-top boxes and other devices as well.
18. Epinions.com
As of Nov. 2011
TV Receivers and DVRs
by Contributors to Epinions.com
Our AssessmentAs with Amazon.com, owners can post their opinions about DVRs they own or use here, and Dish Network, DirecTV, TiVo and other DVRs are all listed. However, with the exception of some now discontinued TiVo DVRs, most get at most a handful of comments.

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