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Shure SE535

*Est. $500
August 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Shure SE535

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Strong construction
  • Comfortable
  • Very expensive
  • Tricky to fit
  • Heavy cable
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The Shure SE535 earphones are pricy but impressive, with reviewers saying sound quality and detail are excellent. The SE535s use a triple-driver design -- a tweeter (for high-frequency sounds) and two woofers (for low-frequency sounds) in each earpiece -- as opposed to the single driver found in less-expensive alternatives. Experts are also impressed with the sturdy construction, which includes a detachable, Kevlar-reinforced cable. Although reviewers say the SE535 earphones are comfortable once in, getting them to fit properly is challenging because the cable needs to be worn over the ears. The heavy cable can also pose some fit issues during exercise. Reviewers and users admit you pay a premium for this level of sound quality -- $150 more than the Klipsch Image X10i (*Est. $350) , which also delivers impressive sound quality and comfort.

The Shure SE535 earphones get a comprehensive review from CNET. The U.K.-based and India-based also give detailed information. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, another U.K.-based website, gives some highlights of its evaluation. A reasonable number of users give feedback on how these earphones perform over time.

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Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)

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CNET's Jasmine France gives the Shure SE535 earphones a very high rating for exceptional clarity and detail which "inspired frequent bouts of desk dancing, much to the amusement of neighboring editors." The price is high, and fit is fiddly, especially given the SE535's large size, though they're fairly secure and comfortable once they're in right.

Review: Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones - Metallic Bronze, Jasmine France, Nov. 1, 2010


Hugo Jobling reviews the Shure SE535 earphones at Britain's, which gives them a Recommended stamp. Jobling says that these earphones deliver amazing clarity and precision even when the volume is "painfully loud." The only sticking point is the very high price.

Review: Shure SE535 Review, Hugo Jobling, July 28, 2010


The Shure SE535 earphones receive a Best Performer award from this Indian technology website. It took some work to get the earphones to fit properly, but once they were in, sound was "nothing short of spectacular." Siddharth Basrur does note that the SE535s are large, though.

Review: Shure SE535 Earphones -- A Class Apart, Siddharth Basrur, March 17, 2011

4. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

This brief review from a U.K.-based publication gives the Shure SE535 earphones high marks for smooth, balanced music and a comfortable but tricky fit. The earphones are knocked down a star, however, because they aren't quite as precise as some competing earphones.

Review: Shure SE535, Editors of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine


A decent number of owners give feedback on the Shure SE535 at, and they agree with everything the professional reviewers said regarding the awesome sound and tricky fit. In addition, users appreciate the detachable, quality cable, which should last and will prevent these expensive earphones from becoming junk if it tears.

Review: Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Metallic Bronze), Contributors to

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Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)
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