Howard Leight Laser Lite

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April 2014
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Howard Leight Laser Lite

  • Great noise reduction
  • Comfortable
  • May fall out easily
  • Disposable
  • Can leave dye in ear
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Bottom line

Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs have a unique, flattened T-shape that reviewers say makes them easy to insert. They're also very soft, drawing rave reviews for their comfort level. Those with a snoring spouse say these earplugs provide the perfect balance of comfort and noise reduction, but others say they're inadequate for very loud activities like shooting, despite their high noise reduction rating of 32 decibels.


Great noise reduction. The Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs have a noise reduction rating of 32 -- among the highest in the market. One user, whose husband snores, writes that "they are the best I have found in terms of balancing noise blocking with comfort." They're also very popular with motorcyclists for their comfort and noise reduction. With that said, a few users warn that these earplugs aren't quite up to the challenge of a shooting range. We wonder if some of those comments may be from users with larger ear canals, since the Laser Lite earplugs themselves are not terribly large.


Soft and comfortable. Reviewers are unanimous in their praise for the Laser Lite's comfort, saying you can even sleep in them comfortably. Motorcyclist Ted Verrill, posting to, writes that "the narrower size much better fits my smaller ear canals, allowing the plug to more fully expand and better block noise." Another motorcyclist, posting to, invents a new word for that level of comfort: "comfortabulous." The general consensus is that these average-sized earplugs work well for ear canals of most sizes, although you may need to hold them in place for up to 20 seconds as they expand to fill your ears.


Pricey for a disposable earplug. Howard Leight Laser Lite disposable earplugs cost about 22.5 cents per pair -- about the low-middle of the price range for disposable ear plugs. Some users bring the price down to about 18 cents per pair by purchasing larger packages. We did find a few comments that they can be reused a few times, but gives them only a "fair" rating for their reusability. There's also a hidden downside: We found multiple reports that these earplugs can leave a pink dye in your ear.

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Our Sources


Motorcycle enthusiast Ian Johnston gives the Howard Leight Laser Lite above-average scores in this comparative review of 13 brands of earplugs. He gives them good scores for comfort and insertion, but thinks their shape is odd.

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Motorcycle enthusiast "Cheesebeast" clearly has tried a lot of earplugs; this article lists the pros and cons of 23 brands. He ranks the Howard Leight Laser Lite third and describes them as "comfortabulous," saying that he forgot he was even wearing them.

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More than 270 users have worn the Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs for everything from sleeping to shooting. They give these earplugs an overall score of 4.7 stars, saying they're very comfortable and won't make your ears sore. On the downside, their noise reduction isn't as good as some of the less comfortable models. A couple of users say the earplugs left pink dye in their ears.

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Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs receive half a dozen rave reviews from shoppers at this online earplug retailer. Owners say they're comfortable and they're effective at blocking everything from snoring and city noise to wind from a motorcycle ride.

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Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs win the top spot in this chart of earplug rankings, thanks to a 95 percent owner satisfaction rating from more than 200 reviewers. The contoured T-shape makes for easy insertion, and they receive a reusability rating of "fair."

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This motorcyclist compares five different types of earplugs, although he doesn't assign them discrete rankings. His top-rated earplugs are Howard Leight Laser Lite because they're narrower than some of the competition, but still expand to fill the ear canal.

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7. Motorcycle Paradise

"Iron Chef," an Australian motorcyclist, takes eight brands of earplugs for a test drive. He has some reservations about most. He does praise the Howard Leight Max for their comfort, but also says he has problems getting them to seal properly (thus, they aren't the best at blocking out noise).

Review: Ear Plug Shootout, "Iron Chef", Dec. 4, 2006

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