Moldex Pura-Fit

Est. $30 for 200 pairs
April 2014
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Moldex Pura-Fit

  • Great noise reduction
  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Too long for some
  • Disposable

Bottom line

Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs are a particular favorite with motorcycle riders for their 33-decibel noise reduction rating, plus their softness and comfort with long use. Most reviewers say they're easy to insert and work well for a variety of other activities, including woodworking and sleeping. Although many users find these earplugs to be comfortable, they're longer than average and on the skinny side; if you have large ear canals, they may fall out.


Controls noise well. Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs have a high noise reduction rating of 33 decibels, and net several positive reviews from motorcyclists at One of them, "Rick K.," writes that they "do an excellent job of controlling noise." User reviewers agree that the Moldex Pura-Fit blocks noise effectively for a range of other activities, from woodworking to shooting, working with loud tools and sleeping. "I love them ... The only thing that might wake me up is the garbage truck but not traffic (except for ambulance sirens)," writes one woman at


Comfortable, but long. Reviewers of all stripes agree that Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs are soft, comfortable and easy to insert. They're longer than most, though. Some users say this helps the earplugs create a better seal for blocking out noise, but others complain that the length makes it harder to get them situated. They're not terribly wide, so users with large ear canals might need to try different earplugs, or do as one prolific earplug reviewer at does and insert the Pura-Fit butt-first. Several users also report slight variations in size and shape between packages, although they say it doesn't affect the earplugs' usability.


Inexpensive, disposable. With an on-the-ground price of about $30 for a box of 200 pairs, Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs work out to about 15 cents per pair; some users report finding them for as little as 10 cents per pair, or $20 for a box. That's a little cheaper than most comparable, disposable earplugs. Users say that if you're careful, you can get several uses out of these -- "With clean hands, and clean ear canals, these can be reused a half dozen times," writes one user. But ultimately, you'll still need to throw them out.

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Our Sources


Motorcycle enthusiast Ian Johnston rates 13 brands of earplugs according to four criteria: packaging, expansion speed, pressure and comfort. Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs take the top spot, in particular because of their comfort and length, which Johnston says helps create a better seal.

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Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs earn a 4.7-star rating after more than 60 user reviews at Most say they're effective for noise reduction in a variety of situations. There are a few complaints about soreness from users trying to sleep with these in (a common complaint about earplugs), but for the most part owners say the Pura-Fit is both comfortable and effective.

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In this second write-up, "Rick K." tests 20 different earplugs and details the pros and cons of each. He evaluates the earplugs based on effectiveness, size, comfort and ease of insertion. His earplugs of choice are the Moldex Pura-Fit because they are comfortable, fairly easy to insert and "do an excellent job of controlling noise."

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About 7 reviewers at give the Moldex Pura-Fit a near-perfect score, saying they are comfortable, easy to insert reliably and block noise very well. These customers use the Pura-Fit mainly for sleeping and motorcycling.

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