Electric Grills Ratings: Expert and User Reviews

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Electric Grills: Ratings of Sources

1. Cook's Illustrated Electric Griddles, Editors of Cook's Illustrated, May 2014
Cook's Illustrated editors test seven griddles, evaluating them for their performance while cooking bacon, pancakes and French toast, as well as for heat distribution and ease of cleaning. Although the original testing dates from 2009, it's still some of the best quality -- and most relevant -- hands-on testing in existence, and lines up well with more recent hands-on tests and user opinions.
2. Popular Mechanics Balcony BBQ: We Test 5 Hot Outdoor Electric Grills, Heidi Davis, May 23, 2012
Testers evaluate five balcony-friendly electric grills by cooking a variety of vegetables and meats, including the Weber Q Series and the Char-Broil Patio Bistro. Heidi Davis provides detailed commentary on the test results for each grill and an overall evaluation for each, but the grills are not ranked or rated against each other. Again, this test is getting to be a bit old, but because of the quality of the testing and commentary, we find that it's still valuable.
3. About.com Top Electric Grills, Derrick Riches, Feb. 12, 2016
Derrick Riches, About.com's Barbecues & Grilling expert, lists his picks for the best electric grills. Most of the listings are accompanied by a full review, and all of them are based on Riches' multiple decades of experience in the barbecue/grilling world. Several of the grills in our report make this list, including the Weber Q-1400, the Char-Broil Patio Bistro and the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill. Grills are ranked by Riches in order of performance and features.
4. AmazingRibs.com Reviews and Ratings of Grills, Smokers, Barbecue Pits & Outdoor Ovens, Max Good, Not Dated
Max Good, director of equipment reviews for AmazingRibs.com, offers this roundup of the best electric grills. Each grill is ranked and rated -- some receive badges for value or are stamped as not recommended. Each grill gets a thorough review and suggestions for situations where the grill may be most appropriate, such as small capacity cooking needs. Although these reviews aren't dated, we find that they're still in line with the feedback we're seeing from other reputable sites.
5. Delishably.com What's the Best Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill for Taste? 4 Reviews, Editors of Delishably.com, March 22, 2016
One of the editors for Delishably.com goes over the benefits of cooking on an electric grill, then lists four of their favorite electric grills. Although there's no commentary about testing methodology, it appears that some hands-on testing -- possibly quite a lot of it -- has take place. The discussion of features and performance is well-organized and obviously well-informed.
6. Amazon.com Electric Grills, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of October 2016
Amazon.com carries hundreds of electric grills and many of them get hundreds, or even thousands, of reviews. Quite a few get better than 4.3 stars out of 5. Reviews tend to be detailed and thorough, with many reviewers making lists of pros and cons, or even posting video of them using their product. Char-Broil, George Foreman, Delonghi, Cuisinart and Weber are some of the top-rated electric grills here.  This site also has many reviews for both electric griddles and sandwich presses.
7. HomeDepot.com Electric Grills, Griddles & Hot Plates, Contributors to HomeDepot.com, As of October 2016
Like Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com carries many brands of grills and griddles, with Brinkman and Weber among the very highly rated models -- although none get the sheer volume of ratings that electric grills at Amazon.com do. However, reviewers can say if they would recommend the electric grill to a friend. We paid particular attention to models that receives 10 or more user reviews and an average score of at least 4.4 stars.
8. BestBuy.com Electric Griddles & Hotplates, Contributors to BestBuy.com, As of October 2016
At first glance the electric grills sold on BestBuy.com don't get as many reviews overall as on other retail websites, but that's because each color of some of the most popular grills is listed as a separate item with its own reviews. This is a good place to go to find reviews for specific grills, sandwich presses and griddles once you've narrowed down your choice; we pay special attention to models that receive 10 or more user reviews and an average score of 4.4 stars or better.
9. Walmart.com Electric Grills, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of October 2016
Walmart.com has a robust selection of electric grills. Many get hundreds of user reviews and owner input tends to be very thorough. As with a few other sites, owners can indicate if they would recommend the grill to a friend. Walmart.com also carries electric griddles, which get similar feedback. Products are of particular interest if they receive at least 20 user reviews that add up to an average score of 4 stars or better.