Braun Series 7-790cc Review

Bottom Line

A three-setting adjustable shaving head makes the Braun Series 7 790cc shaver great for any skin and beard combination. Owners say it's relatively quiet, feels great in your hand, and that the cleaning/charging dock works well.

  • Close shave
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Customizable shave settings
  • Flexible head maneuvers contours
  • Cleaning system is noisy

Breaking it down


A quick, clean shave for just about everybody. The Braun Series 7 790cc delivers a close, comfortable shave. A flexible foil head contours to tricky areas, and three shaving settings accommodate different skin and hair types. Most reviewers say the 790cc works equally well on sensitive skin and tough, coarse beards, even if your beard hair grows in different directions. Users also add that this shaver has no problem dealing quickly with several days' worth of beard growth. The Braun Series 7 790cc's pop-up trimmer is shorter than on some earlier models and sticks out from the shaver body at a 90 degree angle, which takes some getting used to. However, once users do, many see the trimmer design as an improvement.

Ease of use

Feels good in your hand. Users say that the slim body of the Braun Series 7 790cc feels great in your hand. There's also a rubberized covering that helps maintain a secure grip. The cleaning base for the Series 7 790cc is also said to work very well; just drop the shaver into the base, shaving foils down. The Series 7 790cc will run for 50 minutes on a full charge. It also offers a five-minute quick-charge feature that will power the shaver sufficiently for one save. The 790cc has LED indicators that tell you the battery and hygiene levels, and when the foils need replacement.


In the ear of the beholder. Expert tests show the Series 7-790cc sound level to be on a par with other foil shavers, and it receives a "Very Good" noise rating in testing from Users don't always agree, however, and notes that noise is one of the most common complaints users voice about Braun Series 7 shavers.


Standard warranty, great exchange period. The Braun Series 7 790cc comes with an industry-standard two-year warranty and a longer-than-usual 60-day money-back guarantee. Users generally say that they are happy with this shaver's quality and durability.

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