Men's Shavers: Expert and User Reviews

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Electric Shavers: Ratings of Sources

1. Electric Razors, Editors of, Not Dated
Editors of rate nine electric shavers, including both foil and rotary models. Each model is scored on its shaving prowess, ease of cleaning, noise level and features, plus given an overall score that can be compared to similar shavers.
2. The Best Electric Razor, Dan Koeppel, Dec. 18, 2015
Credibility: spends eight months testing electric razors using a panel of a dozen men with different beard types and shaving habits. Foil shavers, particularly models made by Braun, finish on top.
3. Electric Shavers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Electric shavers on draw lots of reviews -- often numbering into the thousands -- from owners. This feedback provides valuable insight into how the shavers perform after weeks, months or even years of real-world use.
4. The Best Electric Razors of 2016, John Carlsen, Not Dated
Credibility: rates 11 electric razors on their shaving performance and considers other factors, such as ease of use and design. Testing is hands-on and well documented. Issues, such as needing multiple passes or areas of the face that present particular challenges to a given razor, are noted.
5. Moo.Review The best electric shaver for YOU!, Adam Vegas, Oct. 12, 2016
Moo.Review is a review site that focus on grooming products, including electric shavers. Reviews are very detailed, down to the nitty-gritty stuff that often surfaces in everyday use, but seldom in professional reviews -- a point of pride for site owner Adam Vegas as he notes that his goal was to create "a simple review site that caters to the average human." Testing was done over a 10 month period, and by a panel of 20 users.
6. Finding the Best Electric Shaver…Sounds Like a Job for an Expert, Tyler Stokes, Not Dated
The owner of this web site posts lengthy video reviews of a number of electric shavers on YouTube. Each model receives a thorough analysis and a brief test, usually on a couple days' worth of stubble. The author says he has a thick, quick-growing beard, and he occasionally produces video or text reviews that compare two models directly.
7. Electric Shavers -- Men, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Many of the electric shavers posted for sale on receive dozens of reviews, and some receive hundreds or even more than a thousand. Many shavers with extensive feedback score similarly -- and many are well liked -- but a few edge ahead of the pack with stronger overall feedback.
8. Shavers & Trimmers for Men, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Like a few other retail sites that focus on consumer electronics, has added men's shavers to its repertoire. A healthy number of models garner dozens of reviews. Standout models have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 eggs after taking 20 or more user reviews into account.
9. Men's Shavers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: is another site with lots of electric razors, with some receiving feedback that reaches into the hundreds. Once again, scores are close together for most shavers -- and most are fairly strong -- but a handful of those with substantial feedback rate just a little bit better than others.
10. Men's Grooming -- Electric Shavers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: sells a decent collection of electric shavers, most of which receive at least a few user reviews. Feedback closely tracks what we see at other user review sites; those shavers with lots of reviews often score similarly, but a handful with substantial feedback (sometimes over 100 reviews) have somewhat higher scores.
11. Men's Journal Finding the Right Electric Razor, Jeff Foss, Not Dated
Though discussion is skimpy, this gallery article provides information on four electric razors tested by Men's Journal. Jeff Foss says that each was used on "a variety of faces covered with everything from thick stubble to light scruff," and under wet and dry conditions. The article appears to be older, but all of the shavers covered remain current.
12. The Best Mens' Shaver Under $100, Robert E. Calem and Josh Kirschne, Mar. 17, 2015
Credibility: editors research budget electric razors and test one model. A March 2015 update of this October 2013 article notes that the chosen razor continues to satisfy one year later. We appreciate that this review is hands-on, but the lack of testing of other shavers limits its usefulness. A similar article from the same time period (but not since updated) on the site also names the best electric shaver regardless of price, but also limits testing to one model, the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S.