Electric Toothbrushes: Expert and User Reviews

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Electric Toothbrushes: Ratings of Sources

1. TheSweethome.com The Best Electric Toothbrush, Casey Johnston, April 27, 2016
Casey Johnston spent nearly 100 hours researching electric toothbrushes, including testing 10 models. She picks the Oral-B Pro 1000 as the best overall, citing its basic range of features and relatively low price. The Philips Sonicare 2 Series is the runner up.
2. Amazon.com Electric Toothbrush, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of September 2016
People are passionate about their electric toothbrushes, and nowhere is this more evident than at Amazon.com. Hundreds of power toothbrushes get thousands of reviews, many of which are extremely detailed with lists of pros and cons and updates over time as to long-term durability. Electric toothbrushes from Oral-B and Sonicare tend to be the most ubiquitous and the highest-rated. You can also find reviews for electric water flossers elsewhere on the site.
3. Walmart.com Electric Toothbrush, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of September 2016
Walmart.com also sells hundreds of electric toothbrushes and flossers, with many boasting hundreds of reviews, some have thousands. Generally, reviewers here aren't as detailed as at Amazon.com, and many are more positive. However, the sheer volume of reviews makes Walmart.com a valuable source. Top-rated brands include Oral-B, SpinBrush, and Waterpik.
4. Target.com Electric Toothbrushes, Contributors to Target.com, As of September 2016
At Target.com, there are few electric toothbrush or flosser models with more than a handful of reviews despite the fact that there are many products available. On the other hand, reviews are generally very detailed. Philips Sonicare is a popular brand here, along with quite a few "themed" toothbrushes.
5. BestBuy.com Electric Toothbrushes, Contributors to BestBuy.com, As of September 2016
BestBuy.com carries fewer electric toothbrushes than other retail sites, but it's a good source for more high-tech models. Philips Sonicare rules the roost here, with hundreds of reviews across several models.
6. Drugstore.com Power Toothbrushes, Contributors to Drugstore.com, As of September 2016
There aren't as many reviews at Drugstore.com as there are elsewhere, but they tend to be thorough and detailed. Pros and cons are also listed as well as a brief, optional profile of the reviewer. Reviews tend to be much more positive overall here, with a number of 5-star rated products.
7. HealthyChildren.org Let the Brushing Games Begin, Editors of HealthyChildren.org, Not Dated
This article is focused on ways to get your children to start brushing -- and keep brushing -- properly. It notes that an electric toothbrush may be an option to keep your child interested and engaged.
8. ConsumerReports.org Toothbrush buying guide, Editors of ConsumerReports.org, May 2016
This free-to-the-public buying guide used to be linked to ConsumerReports.org's electric toothbrush ratings (which were available to subscribers only). Those ratings are no longer on the site; still, this is a useful guide as to where to start to choose an electric toothbrush, as well as general tips for dental care.