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Elliptical Trainer Rating Sources

1. TreadmillDoctor.com Elliptical Best Buy Awards of 2016, Editors of TreadmillDoctor.com, Not Dated
TreadmillDoctor.com editors rigorously test the products they review, including disassembling each elliptical. Grades are assigned for factors such as ergonomics, adjustability, reliability and more, and information about the manufacturer's track record is provided, but the depth of the discussion varies between products. Some ellipticals have both a brief write up and, elsewhere on the site, an older (or newer) more detailed review. Best Buys and runners up are named in several price categories.
2. Fitness-Equipment-Source Elliptical Trainer Reviews, Fred Waters, Not Dated
The author, a former vice president of marketing for Smooth Fitness, evaluates elliptical trainers based on manufacturer interviews, visits to fitness equipment stores, hands on testing (albeit sometime brief stints), customer reviews and customer feedback. He reviews more than 100 models overall, selecting a top few for his yearly "Best Buy" list.
3. Amazon.com Elliptical Trainers, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of December 2015
The quality and length of Amazon.com's user reviews vary widely; some owners comment on their elliptical trainers after years of use, while others comment after the first time they put the trainer together and step aboard. The highest numbers of reviews go to the mid-priced, budget and downright cheap ellipticals. Commercial and gym-quality machines tend to get lower ratings overall.
4. Walmart.com Elliptical Trainers, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of December 2015
Walmart.com's selection of elliptical trainers is heavily weighted to appeal to the budget-conscious. Some models receive just a handful of user reviews, but others are dramatically more popular and have hundreds of ratings.
5. Wayfair.com Elliptical Trainers, Contributors to Wayfair.com, As of December 2015
Wayfair.com stocks a healthy selection of elliptical trainers in varying price ranges, but the budget-priced models are much more popular than higher-priced alternatives. Many of the ellipticals here get hundreds of reviews and very high ratings overall.
6. DicksSportingGoods.com Elliptical Trainers, Contributors to DicksSportingGoods.com, As of December 2015
At DicksSportingGoods.com the focus is on higher-end, more expensive ellipticals, although there are some budget models listed on the site as well. There tend to be fewer reviews overall, although we see better ratings for the high end elliptical trainers than we see elsewhere.
7. AcademySports+Outdoors.com Elliptical Trainers, Contributors to AcademySports+Outdoors.com, As of December 2015
AcademySports+Outdoors.com offers a wide variety of elliptical trainers on its site, and some get high ratings in quite a few reviews. This is a good source to see feedback for some of the better elliptical machines, from higher-end to mid-priced models.