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Elliptical Trainer Rating Sources

Total of 11 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
Not dated
Elliptical Ratings
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentTesters with Consumer Reports test more than 40 elliptical trainers hands-on, evaluating factors including ergonomics, ease of use, construction and user safety. Each elliptical trainer receives ratings in the individual categories, plus an overall comparative rating. Full details are available to subscribers.
2. TreadmillDoctor.com
Not dated
Elliptical Best Buys
by Editors of TreadmillDoctor.com
Our AssessmentTreadmillDoctor.com editors rigorously test the products they review, including disassembling each elliptical. In addition to their individual review, they assign "Best Buy" and several runners-up in multiple price ranges. Our update of this report happened to coincide with their update of the best-buy list, so we've included data from both this year's picks and the most recent prior version. We also count their previous pick for "best new elliptical," the Epic A 35 E.
2013 "Best Buy" Elliptical Trainers
by Fred Waters
Our AssessmentThe author, a former vice president of marketing for Smooth Fitness, evaluates elliptical trainers based on manufacturer interviews, visits to fitness equipment stores, customer reviews and customer feedback. He reviews more than 100 models overall, selecting six for his yearly "Best Buy" list.
4. Amazon.com
As of December 2013
Elliptical Trainers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThe quality and length of Amazon.com's user reviews vary widely; some owners comment on their elliptical trainers after years of use, while others comment after the first time they put the trainer together and step aboard. Standout models receive a 4.4-star or better average score from at least 10 users. We also include commercial-level models with a 4.5-star or better rating.
5. Walmart.com
As of December 2013
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com's selection of elliptical trainers is heavily weighted for the budget-conscious. Some models receive just a handful of user reviews, but others are dramatically more popular; standout models end up with a rating of at least 4 stars after 17 or more user reviews.
6. Wayfair.com
As of December 2013
by Contributors to Wayfair.com
Our AssessmentWayfair.com stocks a healthy selection of elliptical trainers in varying price ranges, but the budget-priced models are outrageously more popular than their higher-priced fellows. We've selected models that receive a 4-star or better rating after at least 20 user reviews.
7. SearsOutlet.com
As of December 2013
by Contributors to SearsOutlet.com
Our AssessmentAlthough the reviews here aren't as numerous as at Amazon.com, this site posts a lot of consumer feedback on various elliptical trainers. The comments vary in detail, but a few are quite thorough. Standout models receive a 4-star or better review after at least 40 user comments.
8. About.com
June 17, 2012
Top 4 Best Elliptical Trainers
by Fred Waters
Our AssessmentFred Waters, a former fitness industry executive, makes a guest post at About.com to discuss his four favorite elliptical trainers. Although we also include picks from Waters' personal review site, he doesn't duplicate any of them here.
9. About.com
September 6, 2012
Best Budget Elliptical Trainers
by Paige Waehner
Our AssessmentPaige Waehner, About.com's guide to exercise, recommends her three favorite budget-priced elliptical trainers. It's not clear whether or how she's tested these models hands-on, and the reviews are very brief.
10. HSN.com
As of December 2013
Elliptical Trainer
by Contributors to HSN.com
Our AssessmentThe Home Shopping Network sells just a few brands of elliptical trainers, covering a price range of up to $1,000. Most ellipticals receive at least one or two reviews, but just one -- the ProForm hybrid trainer elliptical/recumbent bike -- earns a 4-star or better review from almost 100 customers.
11. EllipticalTrainers.com
August 8, 2011
Best Buy - Elliptical Trainers
by Editors of EllipticalTrainers.com
Our AssessmentThe editors of EllipticalTrainers.com don't disclose how or whether they test elliptical trainers hands-on. However, they give considered and well-written opinions based on features and overall performance, and pick several "best buy" models out of the field.
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