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The Sunny Air Walk Trainer fits just about anywhere and offers a light cardio workout that most reviewers say is very effective. There are no resistance settings, programs, or other fancy features. Instead of the climbing-type motion of most ellipticals, the pedals and handlebars of the Sunny Air Walk "glide" back and forth. It's also very quiet, making it popular with apartment dwellers and those who like to watch TV while exercising.

ProsLightweight and compact, Easy to assemble and use, Smooth, quiet operation, Computer tracks time, distance and caloriesConsNo resistance settings, Workout is too light for many

Breaking it down


A light cardio workout. The Sunny Air Walk Trainer is as basic as they come, with a pendulum-style motion -- the arms and feet glide back and forth -- that makes it extremely comfortable to use. In fact, those with bad knees say it's one of the few workouts they can do without pain. While a few snub it for not giving them an intense workout, it's generally popular across the board, pleasing everyone from those who are just dipping their toes into the exercise waters, to the super fit who like keeping it around so they can move rather than just sit while watching TV -- and it's quiet enough to do so, they say. Resistance is fixed so it can't be increased, but those who are looking for a light cardio workout say the Air Walk Trainer provides plenty for them. Overall, reviewers agree: it's a great product at a great price.

Ease of use

Simple out of the box. We saw the phrase "ridiculously easy to assemble" over and over in reviews of the Sunny Air Walk Trainer. It comes partially assembled and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It doesn't have many features, and most say they like that minimalist vibe because they don't want a lot of bells and whistles -- they just want to exercise. There is a built-in computer that tracks total distance (in strides), total workout time and calories. But where this home elliptical really shines is in its small footprint. Apartment dwellers or those who don't have a lot of space to store a big machine say it is a perfect size.


Sturdy and stable. The Sunny Air Walk Trainer is reported as sturdy and solid in spite of its light weight (37 pounds). Many say they were surprised at how stable it was considering is small size. The elliptical has an upper weight limit of 220 pounds and some heavier owners say they lay weights across the front bars, which stabilizes the chassis even further. The computer draws mixed feedback, but there aren't a lot of complaints of breakage even with that unit. The Air Walk Trainer has a short, 30-day warranty, but breakdowns seem infrequent, and Sunny Fitness's customer service earns a lot of praise for its responsive, helpful representatives.

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In more than 435 reviews, the Sunny Air Walk Trainer earns an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5. Owners love this little home elliptical, saying it gives them a great workout, is comfortable and easy to use, and feels solid and sturdy. There are a few scattered complaints that it squeaks or feels flimsy, but those are very much in the minority.


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