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Espresso Machines: Ratings of Sources

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1. Cook's Illustrated
December 2012
Manual Espresso Makers
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Our AssessmentEditors of Cook's Illustrated test three manual espresso machines for flavor, cleanup and function. One is highly recommended, one is recommended, and one is not recommended. In a separate report, editors test seven moka pots -- or stovetop espresso makers for ease of use and performance; only one is recommended.
March 1, 2013
How to Buy an Espresso Machine
by Nick Caruso
Our AssessmentIn this guide to buying an espresso machine, Nick Caruso takes an in-depth look at the types of espresso machines and walks buyers through what they may be looking for in an espresso maker, including what they can get for their money. He concludes with his top 10 picks for all budgets. His picks range in price from around $300 to $7,000, but it's not clear how he chose those particular machines to recommend.
3. The Wall Street Journal
Aug. 22, 2014
Superautomatic Espresso Machines That Are Truly Super
by Editors of the Wall Street Journal
Our AssessmentEditors of the Wall Street Journal test super automatic espresso machines and recommend five. It's not detailed who did the testing or how it was done, but it's clear that this was a hands on review. An overview of each machine as well as and pros and cons are included for each model.
Not Dated
Buyer's Guides and Reviews
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis very helpful site details all things espresso-related, from how to guides, to in-depth forum discussion, to detailed reviews. It recently launched its new, streamlined format that includes a 5-star ratings system rather than the former 10-point scale. Although there are not a lot of reviews in this new format, those that are featured are very detailed and include testing and historical data, as well as the editors many years of experience with the various machines.
5. Whole Latte Love
As of October 2014
Espresso Machines
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis retail site for coffee lovers not only hosts unusually detailed reviews from users, it also gives a thorough overview of all espresso machines that are available for sale, including technical specs and, features and settings. Elsewhere on the site -- and on YouTube -- are helpful and informative videos of new and existing products. There are also articles and a community for questions and answers about all things espresso.
As of October 2014
Espresso Machines
by Contributors to
Our sells hundreds of espresso machines, and many have hundreds or even thousands of reviews. There's an excellent representation of popular brands and models here, from super inexpensive steam machines (which we do not recommend) to pump machines in all price ranges. Many products have reviews that date back for several years, offering a unique and useful insight into how some of these products have changed over time -- for better and for worse -- and for long-term durability and user satisfaction.
As of October 2014
Espresso Machine Reviews
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentIn addition to in-depth editorial reviews, publishes previews of new espresso machines, as well as owner ratings and guides to roasting your own beans, frothing milk and using equipment. The top-rated machines here get detailed feedback from hundreds of owners. We like that members rate each other's ratings, so you can easily see which reviews are considered the most helpful.
As of October 2014
Espresso Machines
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentMost espresso machines earn just a handful of reviews here, but a few models maintain high average ratings in posts from quite a few users. Products are ranked on a scale up to 100, and espresso machine reviews are helpfully broken down by brew performance, ease of cleaning and use, design and durability.
9. Sweet Maria's
As of October 2014
Espresso Machines, Tampers, Etc.
by Editors of
Our AssessmentAlthough Sweet Maria's is mainly a purveyor of green coffee beans and home-roasting equipment, experts here recommend a handful of espresso machines. There's no comparative testing, but authors dissect each model's construction and performance.
June 13, 2011
Serious Espresso at Home: Finding the Right Machine
by Erin Meister
Our AssessmentErin Meister, a professional barista, discusses the best espresso machines for home use and recommends a favorite model in different price ranges. She doesn't conduct formal comparison tests, but has used each model she recommends. This is an older review, but still relevant as the machines are still available.
As of October 2014
Espresso Machines/Makers
by Contributors to
Our sells about 30 espresso machines, but they don't receive as many user reviews as at other sites. Manual and stovetop models tend to do better here.
12. Gayot
Not Dated
Top 5 Espresso Machines
by Editors of
Our is an online publication that says they are a "guide to the good life." They specialize in reviews of restaurants, hotels and other travel-related topics. In this brief roundup, they list the top espresso machines, but it's not clear how they made their picks, and at least one of these machines has been discontinued; although it is still widely available.
Not Dated
Espresso Makers
by Editors of
Our AssessmentEditors test five espresso machines ranging in price from $100 to $1,800, but leave significant manufacturers out of their review. This also seems to be a very old review based upon the fact that most of the tested models are now discontinued. Also, there is very little insight into testing, although editors say the machines are evaluated based on taste, convenience and frothing.

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