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Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped

*Est. $13
December 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped

Best Advanced Workout

  • Balanced routine with cardio and strength training
  • Visible results quickly
  • Two 30-minute routines
  • Can be done with minimal equipment
  • Feels dated in styling and production
  • Uninspiring music selection
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Bottom line

Jari Love is known for her intense workout DVDs, and her Get Extremely Ripped (*Est. $13) is no exception. For more advanced fitness enthusiasts, this video offers a challenging routine that -- while not the most inventive workout to hit the market -- turns over serious results.


Pleasant demeanor, but could benefit from more instruction: Instructor Jari Love is well known in the fitness DVD world. Her routines are based in classic workout moves, which -- while they may lack innovation -- are very effective. Reviewers say that while her instruction is pleasant enough, some of the more advanced moves could use more alignment tips. Also, while some reviewers like Jari's cheerful demeanor, others say that the chitchat between the instructor and fitness models feels awkward.


Classic moves based on time-tested methods: The video features two 30-minute heart-pumping routines using dumbbells and a step that can be done separately or in succession. Reviewers say that the routines provide maximum results in minimum time. The moves lack innovation, but the variety is excellent. Each routine begins with a cardio segment to increase heart rate, and uses high repetitions without rest time between sets to keep the heart rate elevated and caloric burn high.


A helpful Q&A is surprisingly informative. While Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped includes few extras, the Q&A bonus section does feature some helpful, clear explanations for common fitness questions. Some user reviews note that the video production, set, music and fashions feel somewhat dated. (Considering it was produced in 2009, that might be why.) Lightweight dumbbells are required but not included for the workout.

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Our Sources

1. Collage

Review Credibility: Excellent Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped earns 4 out of 5 stars from more than 230 users and a certified fitness instructor on Users call this video challenging, but some say that Jari comes off as over the top at times. They conclude viewers will see maximum results in minimum time.

Review: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped, Editors of and contributors to, As of December 2012


Review Credibility: Very Good More than 80 users provide feedback for this intense workout DVD at More than half of these users award Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped a perfect rating. They report getting a solid, calorie-burning workout in one relatively short session. Some do note that the moves are not particularly innovative and that Jari's chitchat becomes annoying at times.

Review: Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped! (2009), Contributors to, As of December 2012


Review Credibility: Good offers several long, detailed reviews of some of the top-selling or newly released fitness videos and DVDs. Here, the editor says that Jari Love offers two difficult 30-minute routines that leave the participants feeling as though they got an intense workout. Still, there are some drawbacks: The music lacks inspiration, and Love's commentary with the fitness models can verge on awkward.

Review: DVD Review: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped, Editors of, Dec. 4, 2012


Review Credibility: Good The editors of this health and fitness website pick their top three DVDs and five runners up. Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped takes one of the top spots. The information on each DVD is brief, giving only a basic rundown of what is to be expected and links to a more in-depth review of the DVD. The reviewer warns: All your muscles will be aching after this one.

Review: FitSugar's Top Fitness DVDs of 2009, Editors of, Dec. 19, 2009


Review Credibility: Fair This review comes courtesy of Natalie Belford, a fitness enthusiast who began a blog to review workout videos she tries. Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped receives a decent review. Belford appreciates the difficult workout and says that Love is cheerful without being obnoxious. She adds that while the production and workout is fairly basic, the video provides a solid workout and is effective in helping to tone the entire body.

Review: Jari Love -- Get Extremely Ripped DVD Review, Natalie Belford, Not dated

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