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Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

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December 2012
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Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

Best Total-Body Exercise Video

  • Time-saving
  • Efficient
  • Quick-paced
  • Great instruction
  • Poor production quality
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Bottom line

If you're more into results than fitness fads and trends, this is the workout DVD for you. The moves aren't revolutionary (those with a more advanced fitness knowledge should at least be familiar with most of the moves), but they're presented in an effective, quick approach with top-rated instruction. 


Engaging commentary and excellent instruction: Jackie Warner is the owner of the Beverly Hills-based Sky Sport & Spa and made her name as a prominent celebrity fitness trainer before becoming a television star/personality in her own right. Her training methods are well vetted. In Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training, Warner uses effective moves at a quick pace so that users get the most out of their workout. Instruction on proper form is ample, and Warner stays away from too much commentary, which helps the video from becoming stale. Some users say that the program is not as tough as other videos and DVDs -- particularly those from another television trainer, Jillian Michaels. Still, this video is touted as being one of the most effective on the market.


Maximum results delivered in minimal time: The DVD features five workout options: 15-Minute Total Body Circuit, 40-Minute Total-Body Circuit, 15-Minute Abs-Only Circuit, 15-Minute Upper-Body Circuit and 15-Minute Lower-Body Circuit. The circuits can be completed individually or as a long workout. Reviewers say that the DVD is appropriate for an intermediate to advanced fitness level. Warner's workout is quick-paced for the most efficient results.


A complementary diet plan for those who hate to cook: Very few materials are needed for this at-home workout. Warner recommends a set of two 10-pound dumbbells, but the majority of the routine uses the resistance of one's own body to build a powerful, effective workout. We found some complaints from consumers about the quality of the DVD production, but generally reviewers enjoy the videos. The program also includes a 5-Day Non-Cookers Meal Plan for faster results, but we found no reviews on the plan.

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Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

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Our Sources


Review Credibility: Excellent Fitness website features hundreds of reviews of current top-selling fitness DVDs and workout videos. Their reviews are detailed and balanced. Each video is rated on six criteria: instruction, long-term likability, music, fun factor, whether it meets expectations and overall. Each workout DVD review also includes information about what watchers can expect and how the workout progresses. Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training receives a stellar review from editor Jenn Walters, who calls this an effective strength-based workout. The DVD earns a rare perfect score in all six categories.

Review: Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training, Jenn Walters, Jan. 14, 2010


Review Credibility: Very Good More than 290 users weigh in on Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training on the customer review page. The video receives tremendously positive user feedback, earning a perfect rating from more than 200 users. They agree Warner provides excellent instruction and like her tips on perfecting form. Exercise moves are unique, unexpected and effective. Plus, they say that Jackie comes off as informative but doesn't get annoying after they've watched the DVD multiple times.

Review: Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training (2009), Contributors to, As of January 2013

3. Woman's Day

Review Credibility: Good Woman's Day magazine's Abigail L. Cuffey selects her favorite must-have exercise videos. The DVDs cover a wide range of categories, from dance to yoga to strength training. She has clearly tested each video, but her remarks are somewhat short and lack the detail of other review sites. Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training is selected for its high-impact effective routines, which left the reviewer feeling as though she had had an up-close-and-personal training session with the exercise guru.

Review: 10 Best Fitness DVDs, Abigail L. Cuffey, March 3, 2010

4. Fitness Magazine

Review Credibility: Good This article selects 10 workout DVDs as the top picks for 2009. Each DVD was tested by real women, and the review includes feedback from these testers. Reviews also include the estimated number of calories burned and necessary equipment. While reviews are more credible than many other sources, the article is more than two years old.  Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training earns the honor of Best Time-Saving Routine with testers saying that Warner "makes every minute count."

Review: The Best Workout DVDs of 2009, Sarah D'Angelo, Not Dated


Review Credibility: Good The editors of this health and fitness website pick their top three DVDs and five runners up. The information on each DVD is brief, giving only a basic rundown of what is to be expected. Additionally, there is no specific information regarding how the DVDs were tested or by which criteria they were selected. Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training earns a top-three nod, but the editors don't really explain why, other than saying that the DVD is a good alternative to spending big bucks with a personal trainer.

Review: FitSugar's Top Fitness DVDs of 2009, Editors of, Dec. 19, 2009


Review Credibility: Good features several individual reviews of workout videos. Unfortunately, it appears that the site has not been updated since early 2010. Still, it gives a detailed look at Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training. The editor praises the video for its effective exercises and suggests that users only get this DVD if they are willing to work very hard, adding that those who use it regularly will see results.

Review: Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training, Editors of, Dec. 15, 2009

7. More

Review Credibility: Good A dozen workout DVDs are selected as top picks by More magazine's health director, Nancy Stedman. It is unclear as to how each of these DVDs was tested and chosen. Stedman says that Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training delivers on its promise, giving users a full-body workout in a shorter time.

Review: The Best Workout DVDs of 2009, Nancy Stedman, Not Dated


Review Credibility: Good Editors of Weight Watchers magazine pick five different, exciting videos for this article -- one corresponding to each day. The article says little specifically about Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training, but suggests one of the 15-minute workouts for a mid-week challenge.

Review: Make My (Fit) Day, Jessica Wozinsky, June 2011

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