Behr Premium Plus exterior paint

Cheap house paint

  • Great value
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great durability
  • Mixed reviews from professionals

Bottom line

Behr Premium Plus exterior paint is the best choice for those on a budget. It scores high on durability in independent tests, and resists cracking and color change, as well as dirt and mildew. Owners posting on user review sites generally say it covers well and applies easily. While it receives mixed reviews across Internet forums -- like all cheap house paints do -- no other paint at this price point comes more recommended.


A solid performer that's easy on the wallet. Behr Premium Plus will typically get the job done in two coats, say a majority of users posting at retail site, and some report that one coat was sufficient, though only if the proper prep work is done. They also say it goes on walls easily enough and looks good once it's there. User reviews at are even more favorable, with most lauding Premium Plus on fast drying times, good coverage and ease of use. As is the case with all cheap house paints, however, there are mixed reviews at Internet forums, with complaints of dripping paint or uneven application. It's rated at 100 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the chemicals in paint fumes linked to adverse health effects as well as pollution; so while it's well under the federal limit, it's above the local limits set in certain parts of California.


Cheap house paint with longevity. Behr Premium Plus provides great durability, according to independent tests, maintaining an impressive look for up to nine years of simulated accelerated weather testing. The semi-gloss sheen performed the best on this mark, with satin and flat not far behind. In the same test, all three finishes did a good job of resisting cracks and color change, as well as mildew and dirt. Users posting at retailers and echo these findings; many report the paint held up for periods of five, seven and nine years. Behr offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Sources


Behr Premium Plus goes through ongoing lab tests at, where editors test its long-term durability by exposing it to simulated weathering tests. Premium Plus semi-gloss, flat and satin are reviewed, but only semi-gloss and satin earn the Best Buy recommendation. The flat finish doesn't earn any accolades.

Review: Behr Premium Plus, Editors of, Not Dated


Behr Premium Plus receives an overall score of 4 stars out of 5 at retailer, out of more than one hundred user reviews. Owners posting here are generally pleased with the product -- most give it a 4- or 5-star rating -- and we've spotted no consistent negative complaints.

Review: 1-gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint, Contributors to, As of June 2014


Behr Premium Plus generates more than a hundred user reviews at, across the various finishes available. All finishes receive an overall score of 4 stars out of 5, or better, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The exterior paint is frequently praised for coverage and ease of use.

Review: Premium Plus Exterior Flat, Contributors to, As of June 2014

4. DIY Chatroom

There's much discussion about Behr Premium Plus at, much of which is recent. Posters often ask the pros and cons of choosing a premium brand over cheap house paint, and opinions are mixed. Behr Premium Plus is recommended by many here, but not without its share of complaints.

Review: Painting, Contributors to, As of June 2014

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