Buffalo DriveStation DDR Review

Updated March 31, 2014
Buffalo DriveStation DDR
Bottom Line

The Buffalo DriveStation DDR external hard drive is very fast, offering USB 3.0 data transfer speeds that rival -- or even trump -- the fastest Thunderbolt drives, but at a much lower cost. However, it still costs more per gigabyte than our best-rated WD My Book (Est. $115 for 3 TB), and there's no 4-TB version. Also, user reviews indicate that drive failures are common and Buffalo's customer support leaves much to be desired.


In the top tier for speed. Experts agree that the Buffalo DriveStation DDR offers stellar performance, but they disagree over how it compares to rivals. CNET editor Dong Ngo says it's "by far the fastest single-volume external drive on the market," but in tests at PCMag.com, it's no faster than the less expensive WD My Book (Est. $115 for 3 TB). For top performance, you'll need a USB 3.0 port; USB 2.0 is supported, but transfer speeds are unremarkable. Setup is plug-and-play with Windows machines, but you'll need to reformat the drive for use with a Mac. The drive ships with several Windows-only utilities, but it also plays well with third-party software, such as Apple's Time Machine.

ProsVery fast data-transfer speeds, Easy to set up and useConsPoor reliability record, Many complaints about customer support, Not the best value


Disappointing reliability record. Editors of The Wirecutter say the DriveStation DDR could have been a contender for the title of best external desktop drive, were it not for its poor reliability record. In their analysis of Amazon.com reviews, it had a higher failure rate than any other drive: "20 reports of failed drives out of 82 total reviews, or 24.89 percent." The number of Amazon.com reviews has since climbed to over 100, but reliability problems are still rampant. Users complain of poor customer support as well, saying that reps are unhelpful, unresponsive or just plain rude. The drive has a three-year warranty, but beware: You must pay $30 to ship it back to the manufacturer.


The market catches up. A year ago, most experts considered the Buffalo DriveStation DDR an unbeatable value, offering top-shelf performance at a price no higher than other USB 3.0 desktop drives of similar capacity. However, technology has moved on since then. Other drives, like the WD My Book, can now rival the DriveStation DDR drive for speed at an even lower cost per gigabyte. Moreover, many external drives now come in capacities up to 4 TB, while the DriveStation DDR remains capped at 3 TB. So while it's still reasonably priced, this drive isn't the fantastic bargain it once was.

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