Seagate Wireless Plus Review

Updated March 31, 2014
Seagate Wireless Plus
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The Seagate Wireless Plus provides 1 TB of storage that you can access wirelessly from up to eight devices. Professionals say it works well as a media server for streaming music and videos to portable devices. Most users also like it for this purpose, but some say that the wireless connection can be unstable. They also have some complaints about usability.


Versatile, but not intuitive. This drive's biggest plus is its versatility. Dong Ngo of CNET says it "works well as a fast portable drive or as a robust mobile media server." It works with any type of device; it can run for up to 10 hours on a battery charge; it can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and pass the Internet connection through to your devices, and it can connect via USB 3.0 as well, for fast and easy drag-and-drop file transfers. Usability, by contrast, is the drive's weak point. Josh Shaman of mentions a number of "quirks" with the software that make it confusing to use. Ngo also notes that the media app (for streaming media files from the drive) "doesn't natively support all popular digital video formats." Moreover, the drive doesn't come with a manual, and many owners at say they had trouble with tasks as basic as turning it off.

ProsBuilt-in Wi-Fi, Fast streaming, Long battery lifeConsNot intuitive, Connection can be unstable


A few glitches. Shaman is impressed with the Wireless Plus' build quality. He notes that its case doesn't show fingerprints and "feels sturdy enough to stand up to travel." The drive also appears to be reliable mechanically; the reviews we consulted include almost no complaints about drive failures. We did, however, see some complaints about the Wi-Fi connection, which some users describe as glitchy or unstable. Customer support is another weak point. Some users say the Seagate site steered them to the wrong version of the firmware, and others report getting incorrect information from tech support about formatting the drive for a Mac. The drive has a three-year warranty, which is pretty standard.


Best on the market. Despite some of the previously mentioned usability problems, the Seagate Wireless Plus gets better reviews than any other wireless hard drive currently on the market. Its nearest competitor, the Corsair Voyager Air (Est. $180 for 1 TB), has a shorter battery life and can't pass Internet access through as the Seagate can. The LaCie Fuel (Est. $200 for 1 TB) can do everything the Seagate can do, but it doesn't do anything much better, and it's slightly pricier. Overall, the Wireless Plus appears to be the best buy in a wireless drive at this time.

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We found more than 600 reviews for the Seagate Wireless Plus at, with ratings averaging 3.6 stars out of 5. Owners like its fast streaming speeds, long battery life and built-in Wi-Fi, but many say the Wi-Fi connection is unstable and using the drive isn't intuitive. Seagate representatives are active on this site, providing additional information and contacts for technical support.