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Updated March 31, 2014
WD My Cloud
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The WD My Cloud might fittingly be called the lighter side of network-attached storage (NAS). It doesn't have the massive capacity or advanced features of the Synology DiskStation DS1513+ (Est. $780) -- or its hefty price tag. Instead, it's a network drive for everyday users, with fast speeds, simple setup and easy remote access. Its Achilles' heel is reliability: We saw many complaints that it simply doesn't stay connected to the network.


Plug and play -- if it stays plugged. There's a vast discrepancy between the performance professional reviewers got from this drive and the experience of the average user. Professionals consistently say that the My Cloud delivers fast transfer speeds and is incredibly easy to set up and use, with intuitive software and a handy mobile app that makes it easy to access your data remotely. Some owners had the same experience, but many others say that the drive is, in the words of one Amazon.com user, "unbelievably slow and buggy." Connection problems, as discussed below, are its biggest bugbear, but some users also say that setup is not intuitive at all -- especially since the drive doesn't come with a manual.

ProsEasy setup, Fast transfer speeds, Remote access, Much less expensive than most NAS drivesConsConnection problems, Unhelpful support


Plagued by connection problems. The My Cloud is backed by a two-year limited warranty against "defects in material and workmanship." However, flat-out drive failures aren't that common a problem. What many more users encounter are unreliable connections that make the drive's performance either balky or unstable. Several users report that they suddenly lost access to the drive after anywhere from a couple of hours to a month. Some users think that this problem is just the drive going into sleep mode, but that doesn't explain why so many users couldn't reestablish a connection without rebooting the drive by pulling its power cord. For some users, even that didn't work, and they ended up losing their data. WD's tech support, owners add, seems completely unable to deal with this problem.


A good choice for home users. The WD My Cloud comes in capacities from 2 TB (Est. $145) to 4 TB (Est. $220). That's not nearly as much as a big NAS server like the DiskStation DS1513+, but most home users don't need that kind of storage. For ordinary users, the much lower price tag of the My Cloud makes it a much more reasonable choice. Its easier setup is a plus for home users as well. Its connection glitches, however, may be a reason to hold off on buying it until WD comes up with a fix for the problems.

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