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Eye Cream: Ratings of Sources

Total of 15 Sources
As of December 2015
Eye Moisturizers
by Paula Begoun
Our AssessmentIn this database of product reviews, skin-care expert Paula Begoun rates products from more than 200 makeup and skin-care lines. She cites medical journals, industry reports and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration among her research sources as she discusses product effectiveness, possible side effects and value. This page includes both eye creams and face creams, as Begoun says there's often no difference between the two.
2. Allure
As of December 2015
Best of Beauty: Skin
by Liana Schaffner
Our AssessmentAllure editors test thousands of products for their Best of Beauty 2015 awards. Three eye creams win: one line-smoothing cream and two moisturizing creams. Each gets a sentence explaining what it does and why it's the best.
3. Cosmopolitan
Not dated
The Best New Eye Creams, Tested in the Cosmo Beauty Lab
by Editors of
Our AssessmentEditors at Cosmo's UK site test 13 current eye creams. Each cream is tested by a different editor, who briefly summarizes her experience with the cream and rates it from 1 to 10. Four creams score 9 or 9.5.
4. Marie Claire
Oct. 22, 2014
The Best Eye Creams for Every Age
by Lauren Valenti
Our AssessmentLauren Valenti speaks to dermatologist Dr. Carlos A. Charles, who recommends the best two eye moisturizers (a "splurge" and a "save" option) for women in their 20s, 30s/40s, and 50s/70s. He explains the eye-skin issues each age group deals with, and ingredients that address them.
5. Health
Not dated
5 Creams for Brighter Eyes
by Suze Yalof Schwartz
Our AssessmentIn this article by Suze Yalof Schwartz, dermatologist Dr. Doris Day names five good eye creams, each designed to fix a different problem: dark circles, crow's feet, dry skin, redness and puffiness. Each gets a sentence explaining its active ingredients.
6. Elle
Not dated
Save Face: Doctor-Approved Eye Creams
by Editors of Elle
Our AssessmentElle talks to several dermatologists to recommend the best eye creams for dark circles. Some of the dermatologists recommend their own product lines, but one drugstore favorite is included, too.
October 2009
Do Eye Creams Make a Visible Difference?
by Editors of
Our editors test 16 eye creams to measure their wrinkle-fighting abilities. Although some perform better than others, none can completely eliminate wrinkles, and editors say price is no indicator of a product's effectiveness. This is an older review, and only one of the "slightly more effective" eye creams is still available in the U.S., but's objective testing makes this a valuable look at the general effectiveness of eye creams.
Not dated
The Best Eye Cream for Your Skin
by Jenny Jin
Our AssessmentReal Simple picks five best eye creams for various skin types, "selected from more than 50" (although it's not clear whether all 50 were tested). Each of the top five eye creams includes brief comments from testers.
As of December 2015
Skincare - Face Treatments (Eye)
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentHundreds of eye treatments are reviewed by members of this website, and it's easy to find the highest-rated and most-reviewed products. Some receive hundreds of comments while others get only a few. Reviewers helpfully state their age range and skin type. Unlike some retail websites, this site does a good job excluding fake reviews.
As of December 2015
Eye Treatments
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentConsumers can read and post reviews for products sold at Most of the 200-plus eye treatments listed are reviewed at least once, and several accumulate upward of 50 comments. Each review includes a list of pros, cons and best uses, and aggregates them so you can see at a glance how many reviewers say an eye cream is effective, gentle, good for puffy eyes, etc.
As of December 2015
Skin Care: Eyes
by Contributors to
Our's eye cream reviews can be hard to navigate, simply because there are so many obscure brands being sold by third-party sellers. Restrict the results to those sold by, and you'll get a more manageable list of well-known eye cream brands to choose from. Sort the list by rating, and you'll see the top-rated eye creams first. Twelve earn at least 4.4 out of 5 stars, with at least 50 reviews posted.
As of December 2015
Eye Cream
by Contributors to
Our sells more than 100 upscale eye creams, ranging from about $25 to nearly $200. Thirteen earn at least 4.2 out of 5 stars, with at least 100 customer reviews posted (and some have more than 1,000 reviews). Reviewers include their age and skin type, which is helpful.
As of December 2015
Eye Care
by Contributors to
Our sells a wide array of nearly 200 eye creams, ranging from under-$10 drugstore brands to $200-plus luxury eye creams. It attracts fewer customer reviews than, though. Sixteen eye creams garner at least 4.3 out of 5 stars, with at least 30 reviews posted.
Sept. 15, 2013
Do You Really Need Eye Cream?
by Sonya Collins
Our AssessmentIn this article by Sonya Collins, dermatologist Patricia Farris says eye creams really are different from facial moisturizers, and explains what some of the best eye cream ingredients are and what they do. Farris names two of her favorite eye creams, but one has been discontinued.
15. Dermatology Times
March 1, 2010
Under-Eye Circles Have Many Causes, But Few Effective Treatments
by Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D.
Our AssessmentIn this article, physicians explain that dark under-eye circles are resistant to treatment and have many causes. They say some treatments like antihistamines and cosmetic concealers may help, but it's hard to evaluate the effectiveness of mass-market potions.

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