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Facial Cleansers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 29 Sources
As of May 2014
Beautypedia Reviews: Cleansers
by Paula Begoun
Our AssessmentSkin care expert Paula Begoun reviews thousands of skin care and makeup products, using medical journals, cosmetic industry reports and the Food and Drug Administration among her research sources. She issues ratings of Poor to Best for each product reviewed; we select only those products that receive a Best rating.
2. Allure
Not Dated
Best of Beauty: Skin Care
by Meirav Devash
Our AssessmentAllure magazine editors, along with cosmetics chemists and dermatologists, test thousands of beauty products and choose the best in each category. The 2013 issue of these awards selects several facial cleansers.
3. Allure
Not Dated
2014 Readers' Choice Awards
by Elizabeth Siegel
Our AssessmentThe author recaps the top reader picks after recommendations from almost 40,000 readers. A few brief, positive comments are offered about the dozens of products featured, although no direct comparisons (or criticisms) are made.
4. Health Magazine
Not Dated
Beauty Awards 2013: 11 Best Face Products
by Holly Dawsey
Our AssessmentEditors of Health magazine, along with a panel of dermatologists, test new beauty products for their annual beauty awards. The products range from makeup remover to night creams and, of course, facial cleansers. Each product gets a brief, positive blurb; no details of testing or comparative ratings are given.
5. InStyle
Not dated
Best Beauty Buys
by Editors of InStyle magazine
Our AssessmentInStyle magazine editors list top beauty picks based on input from industry experts. A brief description and usually an expert comment are provided for each product, but there's no head-to-head comparison and no comparative ratings are issued. We included the top picks from 2014 and 2013.
6. Shape magazine
Aug. 20, 2013
The 2013 SHAPE Beauty Awards
by Editors of SHAPE magazine
Our AssessmentSHAPE magazine issues a "best of" listing for beauty products every year. Although they don't detail testing protocol this year, in past years they've said that products are evaluated by SHAPE staff and readers. Winners include picks in both the drugstore and higher-end price ranges.
7. Shape magazine
Dec. 17, 2012
Facial Cleansers That Actually Remove Makeup
by Jené Luciani
Our AssessmentAn unidentified crew of testers evaluated these products hands-on, although the author doesn't provide any details about the testing or judging protocol. The testers do, however, say the products listed here did the very best job of removing makeup.
8. Self Magazine
Not dated
[2014] Healthy Beauty Awards: Get Smooth, Glowy Skin With These
by April Franzino
Our AssessmentSelf magazine uses more than 1,500 reader testers to select the best face-care products in this, the most recent edition of their Healthy Beauty Awards. The winning products include everything from face wash and wipes to masks, peels and toners.
Not Dated
The Best Facial Cleansers
by Jenny Jin
Our AssessmentThe author provides a brief blurb on each of the cleansers selected as Best by an unidentified panel of testers. Comments are strictly positive, and it's not clear how many other products each wash was tested against.
As of July 2013
6 Great Face Wash Picks Under $40
by Rosa Casoni
Our AssessmentThe author writes a very brief blurb for each of the six facial cleansers featured. It's not clear whether they were subjected to hands-on testing, but testing is the norm for most of this publication's other beauty reviews.
May 2014
The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes
by Jenny Jin
Our AssessmentThese six skin care "gadgets" are selected out of a field of 30. Some testing is implied, although no details are given about how it was carried out; each brush gets just a brief blurb.
Not Dated
The Best Face and Body Scrubs
by Alexandra Gonzalez
Our AssessmentAn unidentified crew of testers evaluated more than 40 scrubs, then selected these 10 favorites. No comparative ratings are issued, but each product receives a sentence or two about what qualified it as a top pick.
Not Dated
Best Budget-Friendly Facial Cleansers
by Lori Bergamotto
Our AssessmentFour facial cleansers are listed as Real Simple magazine readers' favorites. Cleansers from Vichy, Phisoderm, Cetaphil and Olay are chosen for each of the dry, oily, sensitive and breakout-prone skin categories. It's not clear how many readers were involved in testing or how many products were tested.
14. Allure
Jan. 7, 2010
Daily Beauty Reporter: The Fastest Ways to Get Clean Skin
by Amy Keller Laird
Our AssessmentIn this brief article, Allure staffers discuss their favorite cleansing wipes. Editors say they're a perfectly acceptable alternative to traditional foaming cleansers, especially when you're too tired to bother with washing your face.
15. Elle
Feb. 20, 2013
Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Face Washes
by Editors of Elle
Our AssessmentThe editors of Elle dish about their facial cleansers. No objective ratings are assigned, but each editor gives a brief quote about what they like about their chosen products.
Not Dated
2014 Beauty Awards: Winners
by Editors of
Our AssessmentCosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Award winners are chosen by CEW members, industry professionals and beauty experts. says the award is "the beauty industry's highest honor" and is given to "the most innovative beauty products of the year." Just one face cleanser -- from the "Yes to..." line -- makes it into this year's list.
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentVisitors to this beauty review and shopping website issue star ratings, out of five, to beauty products; sometimes the editors chime in with an article on the products in question too. Top products have a five-star or better rating after at least 10 user reviews; a separate listing covers facial scrubs and brushes.
Not Dated
2014 Awards: Face
by Editors of
Our AssessmentFor their annual beauty awards, editors test new-to-market beauty products, although they don't disclose their testing methods and judging criteria. An editor's pick and runner up, plus reader's pick and runner up, are selected for each category.
May 26, 2011
How Often Should You Scrub Your Face?
by Editors of
Our AssessmentA dermatologist gives his recommendations for different formulas of facial scrubs on, a beauty blog, but it isn't clear if any of the products were tested. Along with his recommendations, the doctor offers tips on exfoliating.
As of May 2014
Facial Cleanser
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentContributors to review a wide variety of facial cleansers, leaving their comments and assigning star ratings out of five. The top products have a rating of at least 4.5 stars after 20 or more user reviews.
Feb. 8, 2012
Best Natural Facial Cleansers Under $10
by Meghan McAndrews
Our, a beauty-product review blog, says it is possible to find good, natural facial cleansers for an affordable price. Three formulas from Neutrogena, Yes to, and Desert Essence are recommended. Suggestions are based on ingredients, and it isn't clear if they were tested.
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentMembers of this beauty website review hundreds of facial cleansers, plus facial scrubs in a separate listing. Some of the cleansers have been reviewed thousands of times; we picked products that receive a 4.1-star or better rating out of 5, after at least 300 user reviews.
Not Dated
Facial Cleansers - Skin Care Product Reviews
by Jen Adkins and Mary-Ellen Kramer
Our AssessmentJen Adkins and Mary-Ellen Kramer,'s guides to skin care, review dozens of facial cleansers, giving each a rating of 1 to 5 stars. Each cleanser is given a thorough description with pros and cons. Top-rated products include cleansers from Bare Escentuals, Yes to Cucumbers, Lush, L'Oréal and Garnier, among others.
Not Dated
Best Facial Scrubs, Microdermabrasion and Peels
by Julyne Derrick
Our AssessmentThe author,'s expert on all things beauty, identifies her favorite exfoliating scrubs, peels and other exfoliants. It's not entirely clear which she's tested hands-on, but she's fairly clear about how she learned about each scrub and who else may have recommended them.
Not Dated
Best Cleansers for Every Skin Type
by Julyne Derrick
Our AssessmentJulyne Derrick,'s beauty guide, offers facial cleanser recommendations for every skin type. Eleven cleansers are included, each with a short paragraph describing its benefits, but with no ratings or comparisons to other cleansers and no mention of any testing. Cetaphil, Purpose, Pond's, Boscia, Olay, Neutrogena, Clinique, BeeCeuticals, Philosophy, and Dr. Hauschka cleansers make the list.
As of May 2014
Skin Care
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentContributors to rate and review their favorite skin cleansing products, including skin cleaning brushes (in a separate listing). Many of these products receive 100 or more user reviews; the top models receive a 4.5-star or better rating after at least 200 user reviews.
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentConsumers can read and post reviews for products sold at We select products that receive a perfect 5-stars-out-of-5 rating after at least 50 user reviews, or a 4.5-star rating or better after at least 100 user reviews.
As of May 2014
Cleansers: 4 Stars & Up
by Contributors to
Our lists hundreds of facial cleansers for sale. The top products receive at least 4.5 stars out of 5 after a hundred user reviews; we also include the CeraVe facial cleanser because it's the No. 1 seller in this category, even though it "only" receives a 4.4-star rating. Face cleansing brushes are rated in a separate listing.
As of May 2014
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentContributors to review their favorite facial skin care products, assigning them star ratings based on a five-star scale. Facial scrubs are rated in a separate section of the website; top models receive a score of at least 4.5 stars after 100 or more reviews.

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