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Facial Cleansers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 11 Sources
As of April 2016
Beautypedia Reviews: Cleansers
by Paula Begoun
Our AssessmentSkincare expert Paula Begoun, author of the highly acclaimed book "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," reviews thousands of skin care and makeup products. Her research sources include medical journals, cosmetic industry reports and the Food and Drug Administration. She also issues a star rating for each product reviewed; we select only those products that receive a rating of 5 stars out of 5 within the last two years.
2. InStyle
Not Dated
Best Beauty Buys: Skin
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThe editors of issue "Best Beauty Buy" awards every year in a number of categories including skincare, which in turn has several sub-categories that address facial washes along with scrubs, peels, masks and even self-tanners. Each winning product gets a short blurb and a comment from a big-city dermatologist, covering issues like scent, performance and feel.
Not Dated
17 Best Face Cleansers
by Lila Glick
Our AssessmentThe editors of poll their readers and, based on their feedback, select the 17 best face cleansers. Each cleanser is assigned a comparative rating out of 10 possible; the editors also provide reader quotes to illustrate what they loved so much about each product. Drugstore products receive equal play next to more upscale products that sometimes retail for four times as much.
As of April 2016
by Contributors to
Our is the very best source of user reviews we found; many of the face washes have several hundred user reviews at least, sometimes in the thousands. Star ratings are displayed on the product listings, but you have to click through to see how many reviews each product actually has. We selected stand-out products that received an average score of at least 4.5 stars after 100 or more user reviews.
As of April 2016
Face Wash & Cleanser
by Contributors to
Our is also an excellent source of user reviews, with many of their plentiful product listings receiving dozens -- if not hundreds -- of comments. Star ratings are shown in each product listing but the number of reviews is not, which makes it challenging to gauge the true relevancy of each product's score. We selected items that receive a hundred or more user reviews and an average score of 4.5 stars or better.
As of April 2016
Cleansers: 4 Stars & Up
by Contributors to
Our lists hundreds of facial cleansers for sale; some of them have more than a thousand user reviews. Consumers tend to passionate and pointed in the comments they post here. We selected those products that have a 4.5-star or better average score after at least 50 user reviews. also sells facial cleansing brushes, although they're listed in a separate category.
Not Dated
The Best Facial Cleansers
by Jenny Jin
Our AssessmentThe author lists six of the best facial cleansers in several categories, including sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, natural ingredients and "most indulgent." She doesn't detail how the products were tested, but does include tester comments in each product's short review, so it's clear that some sort of hands-on handling was involved. However, we miss the inclusion of any drawbacks to create a more balanced review.
8. Allure
Not Dated
The 9 Best Face Washes for Dry Winter Skin
by Kristie Dash
Our AssessmentThe author and a consulting dermatologist call out their nine favorite facial washes for combatting dry winter skin. Each product gets a short review, with a few comments that strong imply hands-on testing, although the testers are never identified. Each review also includes a short comment from the dermatologist.
Not Dated
My Tops Picks for Every Skin Type
by Julyne Derrick
Our AssessmentJulyne Derrick,'s expert on beauty, offers a dozen picks for the best facial cleanser according to your skin type. The list was updated at some point in 2015 and, although she doesn't assign objective ratings or appear to have tested every single product herself, she's drawing on a solid base of reader feedback, ingredients analysis, and of course her own expertise with beauty products.
10. GQ Magazine
Aug. 27, 2015
The Exact Right Face Wash for Your Skin Type
by Reginald Christian
Our offers one of the few facial cleanser roundups that's not only targeted at man-friendly products, but also breaks them down by skin type. They even explain the basics of what each skin type means. Every product receives a short blurb on how it works, although we can't tell if they've been subjected to hands-on testing.
Not Dated
Best Facial Cleansers and Tools
by Andrew Villagomez
Our AssessmentThe author urges men to go further than soap and water, briefly explaining the use of cleansers, face washes and scrubs. Each of the man-specific products he selects receives a brief evaluation of its scent and effects on your skin; however, it's not clear if any hands-on testing was conducted.

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