Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

May 2013
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Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

  • Unique styling
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth airflow with oscillation feature
  • Two-year warranty
  • Too noisy for some
  • Very expensive
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Bottom Line

The Dyson AM02 Tower Fan is a larger version of the much-discussed Dyson AM01 Table Fan. Users love its unique "bladeless" design that's sleek-looking, safe for kids and pets, and easy to clean. Some owners say it produces a distinctly smooth airflow, but many complain that it isn't more effective than other tower fans, is just as loud if not louder and costs nearly six times as much.


Smooth airflow. Dyson claims that the AM02's unique design, which conceals the motor in the base and sends air out through an oval-shaped ring, provides a noticeably smoother flow of air. Some owners agree, but they're more divided over how much airflow this fan actually produces. One Amazon.com poster says, "They say there's no buffeting, and that's true...but at all speeds you do notice that it's not as hard a wind blowing."

Reviews at BestBuy.com are particularly mixed; some users find that this fan can create "huge amounts of air" and "has a wide range from subtle breeze to Santa Ana winds," while others say it's "not as powerful as other old school fans" and can cool only a small area. Another owner reports at Amazon.com that air movement becomes hard to detect beyond the 8- to 9-foot mark.

Durability is this fan's one strong point. There are no reports of mechanical problems, and one Amazon.com user who has had many fans break after one summer says this one is still going strong after a year of use.

Ease Of Use

Handy features. Setting up the Dyson AM02 is simple: As one owner explains at Amazon.com, there are just three pieces, all marked with arrows to indicate how they should fit together. Once it's set up, there are two ways to control the airflow. A "dimmer switch" on the base of the fan gives you full control over the power setting versus just two or three speeds to choose from. Or you can adjust the fan by remote control, pressing one button to switch it on and off, one to activate the oscillation setting, and a third to bump the power level up or down. Users find the remote a handy feature, especially the curved, magnetized case that sticks to the fan for storage.

Cleaning the AM02 is easy thanks to its bladeless design. As one BestBuy.com poster notes, "just a wipe down and it's good to go." This is a major plus for users with dust allergies, since it eliminates the risk of dust buildup, and the hassle of removing grilles and cleaning blades and filters. ApartmentTherapy.com says this feature makes the fan very popular in hospitals.


Mixed reviews. There's no definitive consensus on how loud the Dyson AM02 is. At every site we consulted, comments range from "on the lower speeds, it is almost whisper quiet" to "we joke about it and say the jet is taking off." A few reviews say the noise this fan makes is different from the whirring sound of a traditional fan. One Amazon.com user describes it as a whine, and another calls it "a high pitched turbine kind of noise, MUCH more noticeable than a regular fan noise simply because it's different." However, the hum becomes less noticeable over time. On average, users find the Dyson AM02 neither significantly louder nor significantly quieter than a standard tower fan.


One-of-a-kind design. Owners love the way this fan looks, describing it as "sleek," "beautiful" and "a sculpture." The fan's appearance actually makes it more useful, say some; one user explains that while a more powerful metal fan "has to be put away for company because it's ugly," this one can stay out to keep guests cool.

The AM02's small footprint is another plus: One Amazon.com reviewer says it "takes up less floor space," and a BestBuy.com poster agrees that it "fits just about anywhere." ApartmentTherapy.com says the fan’s bladeless design makes it safe for kids and pets, but most tower fans have a fine mesh grate that keeps out curious fingers and paws.

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