Lasko 2002W 6-Inch Personal Fan

May 2013
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Lasko 2002W 6-Inch Personal Fan

  • Good for cooling a small space
  • Very quiet
  • Good durability record
  • Airflow range is limited
  • Mixed durability reviews
  • Relatively short warranty
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Bottom Line

For cooling a small space, the Lasko 2002W 6-Inch Personal Fan is slightly more effective than the top-rated Vornado Zippi (*Est. $17) and just as quiet. Like the Zippi, however, it effectively cools only at close range. While it doesn't have the Zippi's cute styling or child-safe blades, it does have a more consistent record for durability, with very few reports of breakdowns.


Stronger than it looks. Many reviews at say this little fan produces a surprising amount of air for its size. One owner says it's "powerful enough that you'll want to turn it down to low most of the time," and compares it favorably to larger fans from Duracraft and Honeywell. Another post gives it 8 points out of 10 for cooling power, saying it puts out a sufficient breeze even on the low setting. Other reviewers are unimpressed, comparing the Lasko to "a clip on fan from Wal-Mart" and "an origami accordion fan." One user says the fan's breeze is only detectable within about 4 feet, but that's still about twice the range of the comparably priced Vornado Zippi.

The Lasko fan is more durable than it looks, owners add. Although its blades, case and grille are all made of white plastic, several reviewers say the fan takes a licking and keeps on ticking. One owner reports that it's still going strong after "running 24/7 for about a year;" another says, "I've had two of these for a dozen years and they are still running well." In more than 300 user reviews, only three report mechanical failures that occurred after a couple of weeks or about three months. Since the fan has a one-year warranty, any breakdowns at this early stage should be covered.

Ease Of Use

Controls are awkward. One of the most common complaints about the Lasko 2002W is that the control knob is located on the back of the fan's head rather than on the base. Many users find it awkward to reach around the fan to turn it on and off or switch speeds. One owner says "you need both hands as well as being a contortionist to get it turned on or off," and cautions that trying to switch it off with one hand may "cause the little fan to fly off the table." One user calls the Lasko's "nice long cord" a plus, but another says the cord is "too small and too lightweight."


Nearly silent. Multiple reviewers describe this Lasko fan as "whisper quiet." One says, "I usually forget it is running," and another user can't detect its noise at all from across the room. In fact, a few owners say it's actually too quiet to create white noise for drowning out nighttime sounds.


Traditional looks. In terms of appearance, the Lasko 2002W 6-Inch Personal Fan is pretty basic but most users find its looks "nice" and "unobtrusive." One feature owners appreciate is the small storage cup in the base, which one calls "perfect for little things in the cubicle world (paper clips and pushpins) or bedside (ear plugs and nail clippers)." The fan's small size is also a plus, since it can fit in nearly any space.

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Review Credibility: Good No other fan in any category gets more positive feedback at than the Lasko 2002W. In more than 330 reviews, it gets an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Owners agree that it's very quiet, and many say it produces a surprising amount of air for its size. However, some say the airflow is inadequate, even for a small fan. It also gets mixed reviews for durability.

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