Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan

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May 2013
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Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan

Best tower fan

  • Powerful airflow
  • Oscillation feature
  • Small footprint
  • Carrying handle
  • Few convenience features
  • Noisy to some
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Bottom Line

Unlike many tower fans, the Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan doesn't have a lot of features like a timer or remote control, but it really gets the job done. Most owners praise its powerful airflow and say the oscillation feature helps distribute the breeze. However, some find its noise level super-soft while others say it's aggravatingly loud.


Serious air movement. Most reviewers have nothing but praise for the Lasko 4924's performance. One says it cools so well that it feels more like an air conditioner than a fan, and another finds its airflow on the lowest setting to be comparable to what most fans produce on high. Several users say the fan's high setting is actually too powerful for regular use; it's "strong enough to wake someone up from the force alone," one says.

Users also praise the 4924's oscillation feature. Although Lasko doesn't say how wide an angle the fan covers, one reviewer says the range "appeared to be a little under 90 degrees," enough to provide good coverage throughout a room if the fan sits in the corner.

As for the fan's durability, owners do raise a few concerns. One says the fan's plastic housing "has a cheap, low-quality feel," and several others complain of rattling and vibration.

Ease Of Use

No bells and whistles. Unlike many tower fans, this Lasko unit doesn't have many convenience features; there's no sleep timer, remote control, LCD screen, thermostat or ionization feature to freshen the air. Instead, it has a single knob with four speed settings and a separate button to turn on the oscillation function. A tab on the front of the machine adjusts the angle of airflow, and a carrying handle on the back is handy for moving the fan. While some owners would like to see more features on this fan, none had any difficulty figuring out how to set it up and operate it.


Owners are divided. The biggest differences of opinion about this fan relate to its noise level. Many reviews praise its quietness on all speed settings, but others say it's loud enough to interfere with sleep and conversation. A few complain about a grinding or rattling noise distinct from the normal sounds associated with a running motor and a powerful rush of air. One owner traced this problem to a plastic "burr" on the molding that rubbed against the fan's moving parts, and solved the problem by removing it with a file.


Robot-like design. Compared to other tower fans, the Lasko 4924 is both shorter and heavier. One user considers this a big plus, since the fan "has a low center of gravity and stands up stably." Although it's short and squat for a tower fan, it still has a fairly small footprint of 12 by 9 inches and will fit into a fairly tight space. Owners have no problems moving the fan around despite its extra weight. As for its looks, one says it's not as "sleek" as other tower fans and compares it to a robot.

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