Vornado 630 Mid-Size Circulator

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May 2013
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Vornado 630 Mid-Size Circulator

Best floor fan

  • Good airflow
  • Compact design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quiet on lower settings
  • Great durability record, five-year warranty
  • Noisy on higher settings
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Bottom Line

In general, the more air circulated by a fan, the more noise it makes. Yet many reviewers say the Vornado 630 Mid-Size Circulator delivers a good balance, moving a good volume of air without making too much noise. Although some disagree on both points, users unanimously praise the fan's durability and its handy, compact design.


Small but tough. In user reviews, there's some disagreement about just how well the Vornado 630 can cool a large space. Many owners praise the fan's power, calling it "a BIG circulator of air" and "so much better than any of our other fans." However, others describe it as "anemic" and say the 630 is capable of cooling only a smaller space on its own, although it can help to circulate the cool air from an air conditioner or a larger fan in a big room. Even so, reviewers seem to agree that the Vornado packs a surprising amount of power for its size. One Amazon.com poster says it moves as much air as a large fan designed for industrial use, with considerably less noise.

Another point owners agree on is the fan's durability. Many like its sturdy construction, and the lack of reports of mechanical failures is a rarity among electric fans. Users complain of just one problem, an odd rattling or clicking noise that develops over time, and it pops up only occasionally. Many reviewers praise the durability of Vornado fans in general, saying they've provided good service for anywhere from four to 12 years. Vornado backs the 630 with a five-year warranty.

Ease Of Use

Features keep it simple. Users find the fan easy to set up and adjust. It doesn't include an oscillation feature, but airflow direction can be modified by simply tilting the head up or down. An Amazon.com user says aiming the head straight up provides "general room circulation." The controls are also simple, just a single knob with four settings, including the off position.

Owners particularly like the snap-off design of the front and back grilles, making cleaning an easy, no-tool job. Only one user at Walmart.com had trouble with this feature, saying he hasn't been able to remove the cover using his thumb as instructed.


Noise about noise. Users disagree on just how much noise this fan makes. Some owners praise its quietness, saying it's "whisper quiet" and "completely unnoticeable" on the lowest setting, and only "moderately" louder on high. Others complain of its noise level. One Amazon.com review says it's "too noisy at the lowest setting to allow sleep" and another gripes, "you might as well park a jet in your home with all of that noise."

Some users actually consider a louder fan desirable, saying the 630 is good for generating white noise to muffle background din at night, although a Target.com poster says the fan isn't loud enough for this purpose. On the whole, noise tolerance seems to be a personal matter, so try listening to the fan in person before deciding whether it's suitable for you.


Stable and compact. The Vornado 630's compact design is a plus for users. They like that it doesn't take up much floor space, and one Amazon.com reviewer says the large base keeps it "firmly on the floor." At 12 inches wide and 14 inches high, it can double as a table fan if necessary. One owner says at Walmart.com that it's a good size to pack for overnight trips. The only space it won't fit into, reports another, is a windowsill.

Another plus is the grille's design; according to a Target.com poster, it's spaced closely enough to keep out a toddler's inquisitive fingers.

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Review Credibility: Fair About 40 users review the Vornado 630B at Walmart.com. It gets an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and 92 percent of owners say they'd recommend it. However, most of these posts -- although not the ones labeled "most helpful" -- are duplicated from the manufacturer's website and thus overlap with comments found elsewhere. The feedback that's unique to this site is mixed; some say the fan is quiet and circulates air well while others find it noisy, sluggish and overpriced.

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