Fire Pits & Patio Heaters Ratings

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Fire Pits & Patio Heaters: Ratings of Sources

1. Outdoor Heating,, As of March 2015
Credibility:'s outdoor heating section includes patio heaters, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. While most products only get a handful of reviews, others receive hundreds making this site a good first stop to find feedback.
2. Heating & Lighting,, As of March 2005
Credibility: sells hundreds of fire pits, patio heaters and other outdoor heating products. As at other sites, fire pits receive more reviews than any other type of outdoor heater, with the most popular model earning more than 800 comments. For each product, the site provides a list of the most commonly cited pros and cons and the percentage of users who would recommend it.
3. Outdoor Heating & Fire Pits,, As of March 2015
Credibility: has thousands of listings for outdoor heating products, including fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters. We found the most reviews here for fire pits, but there are also some propane patio heaters that receive feedback from dozens of users -- and a handful of models get more than 100 reviews.
4. Fire Pits & Patio Heaters,, As of March 2015
Credibility: is another site that sells outdoor heaters, including electric and gas-powered patio heaters, wood-burning and gas-burning fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and "chimineas." Here, as at most sites, fire pits get the most feedback.
5. Fire Pits & Patio Heaters,, As of March 2015
Credibility: is a good destination for user reviews of Fire Pits. Many models receive at least a handful of reviews, while others receive dozens or hundreds. Patio heaters, on the other hand, get little feedback. Reviews are well structured, including the length of time the owner has had the fire pit or patio heater, how often it's used and whether he or she would recommend it to a friend.
6. Fire Pits & Heaters,, As of March 2015
Credibility: has more than 200 listings for fire pits and patio heaters. Unfortunately, only a handful of products get enough feedback for their overall ratings to be meaningful.
7. The Huffington Post Here's How To Find The Best Fire Pits For Entertaining Outdoors This Fall (PHOTOS), The Huffington Post, Sept. 17, 2012
While this article by Shana Ecker doesn't make specific recommendations, it contains good information on what to look for -- and even why to buy -- a fire pit. Safety, considering whether your goal is to provide ambience or heat, and the different types of materials and designs are addressed.
8. Get the Fire Pit you Want!,, As of March 2015
This site is run by Karen Lee, a Canadian-based interior designer. There are a handful of reviews of fire pits and fire pit makers, along with some blog posts and articles on how-to projects, safety and more.
9. Fire Pits,, As of March 2015
Credibility: hosts a wealth of information on everything fire-pit related. Design, materials, types and more are covered, and there's also a good selection of how-to articles. However, specific recommendations or reviews are not provided.