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Comodo Internet Security

April 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Comodo Internet Security

  • Free
  • Excellent firewall
  • Minimal system drag
  • Firewall can be installed on its own
  • Anti-spyware and antivirus components get mixed reviews
  • Obtrusive Defense+ system monitor
  • Less user-friendly than some other firewalls

Comodo Internet Security marries the well-regarded Comodo Firewall with antivirus and anti-spyware programs and a system monitor to create a comprehensive and free Internet security solution. The Comodo Firewall remains the strongest part of the package, and it beats all comers in the most demanding testing we found. The rest of the suite draws mixed reactions, from "avoid at all costs" to "balanced and easy to use," though it's perhaps not as complete and robust as other all-in-one suites. If you only want only the Comodo Firewall, you can choose to install that on its own -- and many experts advise doing just that.

Comodo also offers paid versions of its suite -- Comodo Internet Security Plus 2012 (*Est. $40) and Comodo Internet Security Complete 2012 (*Est. $70 per year) -- which add features like Wi-Fi encryption and more robust support, including live help, but each uses the same firewall as the company's free software. If you want a balanced, all-in-one solution and don't mind paying for it, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (*Est. $80) draws kudos for strong performance in most crucial areas of computer protection. The firewall is nearly as strong as the one in Comodo Internet Security, and some say that it is easier to use.

We found lots of expert and user opinions of Comodo Internet Security, though some is of the similar but previous version. The testing conducted by is unsurpassed in terms of gauging the effectiveness of a firewall, though other issues -- such as user friendliness -- are not addressed. Professional reviews can be found at, PC World, and Gizmo's Freeware. You can find user opinions at lots of sites, including

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Our Sources

1. keeps its firewall ratings up to date, retesting periodically as new versions become available. Comodo Internet Security gets a perfect score, edging out or beating all other free and paid firewalls. However, issues such as user friendliness and the effectiveness of other components in the suite are not addressed.

Review: Proactive Security Challenge, David Matousek

2. takes up a challenge issued by Comodo and benchmarks that company's free Internet Security suite against Norton Internet Security 2011 -- a well-regarded and top-rated all-in-one suite from 2011. The competition is based on overall suite performance and does not focus on the firewall, however. Norton prevails, but the competition is close. Steve Ragan says either suite will keep you safe online, though he adds a couple of caveats about Comodo Internet Security. Though both programs have been updated since this test, the report still provides insights into their comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Review: Review: Comodo Internet Security vs. Norton Internet Security, Steve Ragan, Sept. 27, 2010

3. PC World

Preston Gralla gives the previous Comodo Internet Security firewall high marks but recommends that users ignore everything else in the bundle. He complains that the installation process is long and "annoying," but reviewers say that issue has been fixed in recent iterations.

Review: Comodo Firewall Is a Superb Security Program (If You Ignore Its Bundled Software), Preston Gralla, Feb. 10, 2010


In this review of the previous edition of Comodo Internet Security, Neil J. Rubenking says he is not overly impressed with the antivirus, anti-spyware and system monitor components that are part of the suite. However, he says that the firewall itself "is still top-notch."

Review: Comodo Internet Security Suite 4.0, Neil J. Rubenking, April 30, 2010

5. Gizmo's Freeware

Though testing isn't well explained, the discussion here is good. The firewall in Comodo Internet Security is selected as the best free firewall, beating free firewalls from Online Armor, ZoneAlarm and Outpost. An active user comment thread has tons of helpful feedback and updates.

Review: Best Free Firewall, Editors of Gizmo's Freeware, Updated Feb. 17, 2012


Though the editors don't weigh in, hosts a large number of user reviews of Comodo Internet Security, including a growing number that address the latest versions. Most give it a thumbs-up, but a significant minority also report issues, including conflicts with other security software and system freezes. In a vote by the site's users, Comodo Internet Security takes home top honors as the preferred free Internet security software.

Review: Comodo Internet Security, Contributors to

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