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Hands Off!

*Est. $25
April 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Hands Off!

Best Mac firewall

  • Defends against inbound and outbound connections
  • Protects local files as well
  • Network monitor logs network activity
  • User-friendly interface and installation
  • Some experts question its necessity
  • Uses more CPU cycles than Little Snitch
  • Limited tech support

Some experts question the need to install a third-party firewall on Macs, but if you want a firewall that's more robust and user-friendly than the built-in Apple software, reviewers recommend Metakine's Hands Off! Hands Off! protects against  inbound and outbound connections -- something no other single well-reviewed or preinstalled Mac firewall can boast. It also includes a network monitor that tracks all network activity, and it has the ability to warn users when applications try accessing local files stored on a Mac.

In addition to being the most full-featured firewall available for Macs, reviewers say Hands Off! is simple to install, easy to use and updates automatically. That's a good thing, as tech support is limited to a brief and not too technical FAQ and email support. and both review Hands Off! and compare it to Little Snitch (*Est. $30), the program's closest competitor. The reviews are long, and they are based more on the interface, features and installation than actual firewall effectiveness. Users at also rate the program.

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Jonathan Garro's long and screenshot-heavy review directly compares Hands Off! against Little Snitch on a category-by-category basis. Hands Off! wins in every single showing, including price, although Garro says Little Snitch trails Hands Off! only by a hair in virtually every aspect. Garro also dedicates a paragraph to whether third party firewalls are needed on Macs.

Review: Little Snitch vs. Hands Off: Which Monitoring Utility is Better?, Jonathan Garro, Feb. 10, 2012


Vincent Danen, a longtime Little Snitch user, explains why Hands Off! has become "the default watchdog" on his MacBook. Danen says he appreciates the extras Hands Off! brings to the table -- namely, the protection for local files and inbound connection attempts.

Review: Enhance Security on Your Mac with Hands Off!, Vincent Danen, April 20, 2011


The editors of do little more than provide a basic description of Hands Off!; the real usefulness comes from the hundreds of user ratings, which award the program a 4-star out of 5 overall score. While many download sites have limited user interaction, there are almost 100 comments in the Hands Off! page at, complete with crowd-sourced technical support and discussion about the handful of program quirks that pop up.

Review: Hands Off! 1.5, Contributors to

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