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  • Accurately counts steps; measures calories
  • Display offers instant feedback
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Includes wristband
  • Syncs with numerous apps/devices
  • Must manually log non-step activities
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Bottom line

Reviewers say that the clip-on Fitbit One is a terrific activity tracker, with experts and users agreeing that its intuitive operation, unobtrusive appearance, and relatively low price point make it a great choice. Uploading data is convenient, with Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with many devices, including apps for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. Fitbit offers additional tracking features and support on a free web site.

Breaking it down


Accurate measuring. In side-by-side tests, experts report the Fitbit One is very accurate for tracking calories, stairs and steps. Users report that the fitness tracker occasionally misses steps climbed, but not very often. The One is compatible with a wide range of devices: the included wireless dongle connects to PC and Mac computers, and a Bluetooth connection links with compatible smartphones. A free account at graphs biometrics, rewards accomplishments with badges, and encourages friendly competition. You can log food and other activities there as well. However, you don't have to use, you can also import your data into other free fitness and weight-tracking sites such as, and, to name just a few.

Ease of use

Bright screen provides instant feedback. Reviewers say the Fitbit One's OLED screen is sharp and easy to read. You can click through to see steps, distance, calories burned and floors climbed. It also has a flower icon, which allows you to note your daily progress at a glance. With the included wristband, users can wear the One at night to track sleep quality; a vibrating alarm provides a noiseless wake-up call so your partner is not disturbed. It is a step-centric device, however, so users who also do a lot of non-step activities (like bicycling, skating and paddle-boarding) must manually log activities in their fitness account. The built-in battery lasts about a week between charges.


Compact clip-on design. Wristband-style fitness trackers are the most common type, but users love the Fitbit One precisely because they can wear it without anyone knowing they're wearing an activity monitor. It weighs only 8 grams, and users say they barely know it's there. It can clip anywhere on your clothing, but it will still track your activities if it's tucked into a pocket or purse. Some owners and expert reviewers warn that the Fitbit One may be easy to lose because of its small size. Another issue we saw frequently: People often forget the Fitbit is clipped to their clothing and they accidentally put it through the laundry. However, while the Fitbit One is water resistant and not waterproof, some say their Fitbit survives its adventure unscathed, while others are not so lucky.

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Fitbit One Reviews


The Fitbit One earns an Editor's Choice award at Jill Duffy praises its sleek design, comfort and accuracy, recommending it as the best fitness tracker for non-athletes.

Review: Fitbit One, Jill Duffy, Dec. 1, 2014


Editors include the Fitbit One in their report of the best activity trackers. They rate each device's ability to accurately count the number of steps taken and measure calories burned, ease of use and included features. There are also a good number of user reviews.

Review: Fitbit One, Editors of, Not Dated


CNET editors give the Fitbit One a 3.5-star score, rating it as a very good device. They call it intuitive, feature-rich and portable, but say its compact design means users can potentially lose it easily.

Review: Fitbit One Review: Powerful Fitness Tracker, Weak Design, Editors of CNET, April 30, 2013


Danny Sullivan tests the Fitbit One alongside other fitness trackers, though some have now been updated or discontinued. He appreciates Fitbit's companion website, which logs food intake and extra activities to provide a complete health picture, but finds the One's design is too limited to step activities like walking and climbing stairs.

Review: My Life with the Fitbit One Activity Tracker, Danny Sullivan, April 22, 2013


Following more than 8,200 reviews, the Fitbit One earns an overall average of 4.4 stars out of 5. Owners say it's easy to use and they love it's small, unobtrusive footprint. Many say they also love that they can interact with friends and family who also own the Fitbit One.

Review: Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black, Contributors to, As of December 2014


With 4.6 stars after more than 2,300 customer reviews, the Fitbit One is one of the most popular and top-rated fitness trackers at Users say it stands out with useful features, is easy to wear and read and has an attractive design. Around 96 percent of users recommend this tracker.

Review: Fitbit-One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - Burgundy, Contributors to, As of December 2014

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