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Misfit Shine

Est. $120
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch
Misfit Shine

  • Waterproof up to 150 feet deep
  • Tracks numerous activities
  • Stylish design; many accessories
  • No built-in alarm
  • Only compatible with iPhones
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Bottom line

The Misfit Shine is one of the few activity trackers that can accurately monitor more than just step activities: this waterproof device also works well for swimming, cycling and various other sports. Reviewers call its sleek metal profile elegant and durable. The Misfit is easy to manage, with an effortless syncing process and replaceable battery that doesn't require charging. Its compatibility is limited, however, to iPhone smartphones and Misfit's fitness app.


Waterproof tracking. The Misfit Shine is ideal for users who do more than just step exercises -- it can track activities like bicycling and skating, detecting the type of activity automatically. As the only waterproof fitness tracker in our report, the Shine is also ideal for swimmers. The sleek face of the Shine doesn't include a display for instant feedback, but features 12 lights to cleverly note the time. "Tap the face twice and a halo of LED lights indicates how close you are to hitting your goals for the day," explains Christina Tynan-Wood with Family Circle. The Shine does not have a built-in alarm.


Limited compatibility. The Misfit Shine "measures whole body movement, not arm movement" for more accurate tallying, says Andrea Smith of In addition to charting steps, distance and calories, the Shine tracks sleep with a companion app; however, it only monitors total hours slept, which Paul Sawers of says is sufficient for most users. He calls Misfit's app "lovely," but editors at argue it's less user-friendly than the apps of other popular trackers. The Shine syncs with iOS platforms by placing the device directly on the screen; it's only compatible with iPhones and doesn't work with third-party fitness apps.

Ease of use

Sleek and versatile design. The Misfit Shine's unique all-metal design allows it to be worn anywhere on the body: in a wristband, pinned to a shirt or even as a necklace. The clip and wristband are included; the necklace accessory (Est. $50) is optional. Tia Ghose of says that after wearing the Shine for a week the "wrist attachment was sturdy, easy-to-clean and extremely comfortable." The magnetic clip is also durable and secure, according to reviewers. Paul Sawers of tech site finds the all-metal unit to be better made in comparison with other clip-on trackers. You can customize the tracker with optional accessories. The Misfit Shine uses a replaceable button-style battery, which costs about $2 and has a four-month life span.

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Our Sources


With a score of 11 out of 20, the Misfit Shine places toward the bottom of's list of the best activity trackers. Tia Ghose says it's a good option for swimmers, praising its streamlined appearance and long-lasting battery. Shortcomings include limited compatibility and a poorly designed fitness app.

Review: Misfit Shine: Fitness Tracker Review, Tia Ghose, Jan. 13, 2014


In his guide to the best activity trackers, Paul Sawers calls the Misfit Shine an elegant addition to the market. He says the device is well built, elegant and includes a "lovely" mobile app. Its lack of a screen and limited compatibility reduce its convenience.

Review: Know Your Fitbit from Your Fitbug: A Guide to the Best Activity-Trackers on the Market, Paul Sawers, Nov. 11, 2013


Andrea Smith names the Misfit Shine as the runner-up in her comparison, coming in behind the Fitbit Flex. In her test the Misfit is the most accurate, has the longest battery life and features an elegant design. It's only compatible with iPhones and Misfit's activity app.

Review: The Best Activity Tracker: Fitbit Flex, Andrea Smith, Oct. 14, 2013

4. Family Circle

Christina Tynan-Wood lists the Misfit Shine in her review of the best activity trackers and notes the Shine's LED display and replaceable battery. She doesn't include a numerical rating in her comparison.

Review: The Best Activity Trackers for Staying Fit, Christina Tynan-Wood, Not Dated

5. TimeTechland

Ben Taylor ranks the Misfit Shine as the fourth-best device in his comparison of 26 fitness trackers. The Shine stands out from the competition because of its elegant design and versatile accessory options.

Review: 26 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First, Ben Taylor, Jan. 9, 2014

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