Fenix P2D-CE

*Est. $55
March 2010
by ConsumerSearch
Fenix P2D-CE

Best travel flashlight

  • Tiny (only 3.25 inches long)
  • As much light as a big MagLite 3D
  • Excellent battery life
  • Can stand upright for general lighting
  • Not as bright as Fenix flashlights that use two batteries
  • No red filter for night vision
Where to Buy

We found the best reviews of the Fenix P2D-CE flashlight at four flashlight enthusiast sites, where experts put flashlights through highly technical tests as well as evaluate each model for ease of use. FlashlightReviews.com recommends top picks for various uses, while Craig Johnson at LEDMuseum.org subjects each flashlight to abusive punishments to test durability. Editors at CPFReviews.com provide detailed ratings and comparison charts, and a review at Candlepower Forums compares the Fenix P2D-CE with other Fenix flashlights. Owner-written reviews at Amazon.com are also useful, comparing the Fenix P2D-CE with flashlights from other brands.

Reviews say the 3.25-inch Fenix P2D-CE is the best "everyday carry" flashlight for a purse, glove compartment or backpack. You can adjust the LED brightness among four levels, and a voltage regulator keeps light consistent as the single CR123A lithium-ion battery fades. Emergency modes include an SOS signal plus a strobe light. The Fenix P2D-CE offers plenty of run time for everyday use - up to 30 hours at the lowest brightness setting - and can stand upright on its tail so you don't have to hold it. It's waterproof and shock-resistant, with a lifetime warranty. If you need a pocket flashlight but don't need this much light, reviews also recommend the tiny Photon Micro-Light Freedom flashlight (*est. $20), which costs far less.

Our Sources

1. FlashlightReviews.com

Flashlight enthusiast Doug Pribis reviews and rates hundreds of flashlights based on detailed technical tests, recommending the Fenix P2D-CE as the best "everyday carry" flashlight. He praises its light output, beam quality, waterproof build, tiny size and overall ease of use.

Review: Fenix P2D-CE Review, Doug Pribis, Apr. 2007

2. LEDMuseum.org

This review includes practical photos showing the size of the Fenix P2D-CE in relation to a hand, plus its beam width and brightness. The Fenix survives hard smacks onto concrete with only slight dents and no loss of function, and proves waterproof as well.

Review: The Punishment Zone: Fenix P2D-CE Review, Craig Johnson, Apr. 2007

3. CPFReviews.com

This detailed, well-illustrated review gives the Fenix P2D CE especially high ratings for ease of use and value. You can create a custom comparison chart to see its ratings compared with those of other flashlights.

Review: Fenix P2D CE Flashlight Reviews, Editors of CPFReviews.com, July 2007

4. CandlePowerForums

In a forum devoted to flashlight enthusiasts, this well-illustrated review compares the Fenix P2D-CE with other Fenix flashlights, covering ease of use plus beam brightness, color, size and quality.

Review: Fenix P2Dce Comparison Review, "Flashaholic", Apr. 2007

5. Amazon.com

The handful of owners reviewing the Fenix P2D-CE flashlight here give it rave reviews, with useful comparisons to other flashlights they've owned. One finds it as bright as the halogen headlamp on his car, another as bright as a 6D Maglite flashlight.

Review: Fenix P2D-CE Black (Cree Edition), Contributors to Amazon.com

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