Stanley MaxLife Tripod 369

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March 2010
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Stanley MaxLife Tripod 369

Budget utility flashlight

  • Combination flashlight and stable standup work light
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Long battery life (up to 200 hours)
  • Light fairly dim for use as work light
  • Awkward as handheld flashlight (11 inches long)
  • Pivoting head too loose
  • Build quality could be better

We found the best review of the Stanley MaxLife Tripod 369 at, where it's put through a number of technical and practical tests. We found the most owner-written reviews at, where over 70 owners comment on their experiences with the Stanley Tripod flashlight. We also found useful ratings from owners at, plus reviews at Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools and Web Bike World recommending it as a work light.

Reviews say the versatile Stanley MaxLife Tripod 369 flashlight is a good budget choice for everyday household and workshop use, as well as during power outages. Its three legs fold together to form a regular (but long) flashlight handle, but unfold to convert it into work light on a tripod. It's powered by three, six or nine AA batteries, with excellent runtime and adjustable brightness. Some reviewers do complain that the light output from the six-LED head is too dim, and that the pivoting head is loose yet can't be tightened. If you want a brighter handheld flashlight for household use, reviews recommend the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244 (*est. $40).

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Based on a number of tests, flashlight enthusiast Doug Pribis notes a few drawbacks to the Stanley MaxLife 369 Tripod flashlight, but gives it a "good" rating, calling it a "great utility light for around the house and fantastic for power outages."

Review: Stanley MaxLife 369 Tripod Review, Doug Pribis, Jan. 2006


Over 70 owners review the Stanley Tripod flashlight here. About 80 percent of the owners say they're satisfied, but some complain that it's too dim, that the head won't stay in position or that it breaks easily.

Review: Stanley MaxLife 369 Tripod LED Flashlight Reviews, Contributors to

3. Kevin Kelley Cool Tools

Recommendations at this site carry some credibility, since Kevin Kelly is current editor-at-large for Wired magazine. This review finds the Stanley Tripod flashlight very useful as a hands-free work light.

Review: Cool Tool: Stanley Tripod Flashlight, Jason Goldberger, Mar. 2007


About a dozen owners rate the Stanley Tripod flashlight here, giving it especially high ratings for design and ease of use.

Review: Stanley Tripod Flashlight Reviews, Contributors to

5. webBikeWorld

This well-illustrated review explains in detail how the Stanley Tripod flashlight works, including the "parallel technology" that keeps the light levels consistent even when only three or six batteries are installed rather than nine. This review finds the light bright enough for motorcycle repairs, and says the three detents hold the pivoting head in place well.

Review: Stanley Tripod Flashlight Review, "Burn"

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