Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244 Review

Updated January 1, 1970
Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244 provides the most detailed and objective review of the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C flashlight, basing its rating and recommendation on extensive technical tests. We found the most owner-written reviews and ratings at, but also found useful comments from owners - with both praise and criticism - at two other retail sites, Optics Planet and stays bright as batteries fade, Waterproof and durable, Lifetime warranty, Safe around electricityConsDoesn't stand on end for use as candle, Brightness not adjustable, No red light for night vision

Reviews say the 10-inch Streamlight ProPolymer 3C Luxeon LED is the best flashlight for general household use. It uses three C batteries, yet puts out as much light as a bigger, heavier incandescent-bulb MagLite 3D. A voltage regulator keeps the light bright much longer than on a MagLite, and reviews say the single level of light is good for intermediate-range tasks such as cooking or changing a tire. The flashlight comes with a clip and lanyard, and it carries a lifetime warranty. For general household use, reviews also recommend the Fenix P2D-CE (*est. $55), which is smaller and has long runtime, but costs much more.

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Streamlight ProPolymer Luxeon 3C Review, Doug Pribis, July 2005

The Streamlight ProPolymer 3C flashlight is the top pick among household flashlights at this highly technical review site, based on extensive tests. The review notes no drawbacks and praises the build quality, ergonomics and "solid, true regulation" for six hours of consistent brightness.


Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244, Contributors to

Only a handful of owners review the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244 flashlight here, but they give it rave reviews, praising the brightness, beam quality and durability. One says it survived a drop onto concrete.


Streamlight 3C LED ProPolymer Flashlights, Editors and Contributors to

Editors provide plenty of detail about the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C flashlight here, but the few owner-written reviews are especially useful. Some owners are disappointed in the battery life or the distance the flashlight throws light, but they still find it very useful.


Streamlight ProPolymer 3C LED Black Flashlight, Contributors to

A handful of owners review the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C LED flashlight here. One is disappointed in the beam's focus and brightness.