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Flat Irons: Ratings of Sources

Total of 21 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
March 2012
Flat Irons
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentIn this report, the editors at ConsumerReports.org compare five flat irons and summarize their findings. Irons were tested in a humidity chamber (to keep moisture and temperature steady) and on swatches of naturally curly human hair, and testers counted how many passes it took to straighten the hair.
2. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
One-Step Frizz-Fighting Flat Iron
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentGood Housekeeping tests the Remington Style Therapy Frizz Therapy Iron against claims that it reduces frizz and protects against humidity for 15 hours. The flat iron is compared, in both lab and consumer tests, to a "leading" flat iron, though editors don't mention which one. Tests show that the Remington flat iron lives up to its claims and outperforms the leading flat iron when used with and without an anti-frizz serum.
3. InStyle
May 2012
Best Beauty Buys 2012: Hair
by Editors of InStyle
Our AssessmentIn their annual round-up, InStyle editors name the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium the best flat iron for the second year in a row. They say the titanium plates straighten without pulling, and the handles are easy to grip. It isn't explicitly explained how this list is created, though the introduction does say that editors asked "the pros."
4. Good Housekeeping
Not dated
2-in-1 Hair Appliances: Drying and Styling
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentAfter testing nine 2-in-1 styling tools, Good Housekeeping names three wet-to-dry flat irons as favorites. The Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron was the top performer, as it dried fastest and is budget friendly. The Ion Color Brilliance Wet or Dry Ionic Ceramic Digital Styling Iron left testers' hair feeling smooth, while the Andis Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet/Dry Flat Iron was the easiest to use. Editors say the tools were tested by real users and in a lab environment. While Good Housekeeping is generally one of our more trusted sources, this review is not dated and two runners-up products are now discontinued.
5. Allure
Not dated
Best of Beauty
by Theresa O'Rourke, Brooke Le Poer Trench
Our AssessmentEach year, Allure rounds up the best beauty products in a range of categories. The top flat iron, the Sedu Icon Styling Iron, heated up fastest in editors' tests. The iron also has curved edges, which makes it easy to flip or curl hair. The Coolway System is also profiled. This iron is said to work at less than 300 degrees, thanks to an accompanying pre-styling spray. It's unclear whether the iron is any more effective, or if it's the spray that provides results.
6. Folica.com
As of April 2013
Top 10 Flat Irons
by Editors of Folica.com
Our AssessmentFolica.com sells hundreds of flat irons and has thousands of reviews. This top-10 list incorporates those user reviews as well as "the latest technologies and years of testing." Though the editors say the rankings consider more than just user reviews, they don't explicitly say how the tools were tested or compared. Each individual product page includes a brief blurb listing the pros of that flat iron. The top-ranked flat irons are (in order) the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron, the Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron, the HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron and the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron. The reviews also feature before-and-after photos, and the top two irons each garner more than 5,000 reviews.
7. Amazon.com
As of April 2013
Flattening Irons
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThousands of flat irons are listed at Amazon.com, and the most popular flat irons earn more than a thousand reviews. HSI The Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron and the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1" receive an overall rating of 4.5 and 4.6 out of 5 stars, respectively, with hundreds of reviews each (nearly 2,900 and over 940 respectively). The top-performing wet/dry flat iron at Amazon.com is the Remington Wet 2 Straight 2" Wide Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron with Tourmaline. This iron doesn't perform as well, with only 4.3 out of 5 stars, but it still outshines any other wet to dry irons.
8. InStyle
Not dated
The Best Hair Tools for Every Budget
by Editors of InStyle
Our AssessmentEditors round up the best hair tools at two price points. The best splurge straightener is the same iron selected in the Best Beauty Buys 2011 and 2012: the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium. The steal flat iron is the BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Iron. The editors say it is one of the only mass-market flat irons that hits 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A pro stylist is quoted as saying it gets hair perfectly straight in just one pass. Other than price, it's not clear what distinguishes these two irons' performance.
9. MakeupAlley.com
As of April 2013
Product Reviews
by Contributors to MakeupAlley.com
Our AssessmentMakeupAlley.com is a go-to resource for reviews of thousands of different beauty products. Reviews are available for nearly every other straightener we found rated -- often hundreds. Reviewers here tend to offer detailed reviews, including their hair type and user experience, and they give an overall point score from 1 to 5.
10. Walmart.com
As of April 2013
Hair Styling Tools
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com sells about 50 flat irons, including the popular CHI models; however, the most popular irons are all under $40. Of the 150-plus reviewers of the Remington SS5500, 92 percent would recommend this flat iron. Many say this iron is a great value and some say it works as well as pricier models. The Kiss by SalonTech Silicon Protexion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron earns fewer reviews overall -- about 60 -- but 100 percent of reviewers would recommend this flat iron, and they give it 5 out of 5 stars. Several say this iron was recommended by a stylist, and it lives up to the hype at a good price. Several users say the Remington S8510 Frizz Therapy Flat Iron also lives up to its promise of smoothing while straightening. One notes that while it doesn't work quite as well as higher-end products, she prefers this one for the price. The Remington Wet 2 Straight Slim 1" Flat Iron is the top-performing wet/dry iron at Walmart.com; 94 percent of users recommend it. Several reviewers say hair needs to be damp, not wet, for this iron to work well, but most reviews are positive.
11. Ulta.com
As of April 2013
Flat Irons
by Contributors to Ulta.com
Our AssessmentUlta, a beauty-supply website, sells about 50 flat iron models. Many get only a few reviews, but a handful garner about 25 reviews or more and still earn over an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Several reviewers of the GHD Classic 1" Styler directly compare it favorably to the CHI. They say it heats up faster and gives longer-lasting results; users also say the GHD glides through hair easily and painlessly. Similarly, users also compare the Rusk Heat Freak Ceramic and Tourmaline 1-1/2 Str8 Iron Hair Straightener against the CHI, and they say the Rusk model wins out. The BaByliss Nano Titanium 1" and 1-1/4" each receive more than 70 reviews, and users seem to find them pretty similar. Users praise the 1" model for having long, thin plates that allow you to get close to the scalp. The 1-1/4" is preferred for straightening quickly, though some users say this iron is heavy or bulky.
12. Beauty.com
As of April 2013
Straightening Irons
by Contributors to Beauty.com
Our AssessmentNot many flat irons on Beauty.com receive more than a handful of reviews, yet the Hairart H3000 earns more than 70 and gets an overall 4.8 stars with 100 percent of buyers saying they'd recommend the straightener to a friend. Users say the iron is easy to use, effective and a good value. There are no cons listed. The "most liked" negative reviewer simply said that it took two or three passes through her very unmanageable curly hair to straighten it, but that it did work eventually.
13. RealBeauty.com
Not dated
33 Best Multi-Tasking Beauty Products
by Ariana Finlayson
Our AssessmentRealBeauty.com lists 33 multitasking beauty products, but it doesn't explain how or why the items were selected. The InStyler Rotating Hot Iron is the only hot tool listed. Ariana Finlayson says, "Its row of bristles negates the need for a brush, [and] the heated rotating cylinder smoothes out strands without making them limp like a flat iron would." She says the tool works even on very thick hair, though it isn't clear whether the product was actually tested.
14. Target.com
As of April 2013
Hair Appliances
by Contributors to Target.com
Our AssessmentMore than 100 flat irons are available at Target.com, but most aren't reviewed. Some models receive more than 30 reviews, which generally are aligned with reviews elsewhere. The top-performing straightener is the Remington S5500 Digital-Heat Ceramic 1" Flat Iron, which earns 57 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Remington Wet 2 Straight garners more than 120 reviews, and it averages about 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers are less pleased with this model, but they seem to expect it to not perform quite as well as flat irons for dry hair.
15. Overstock.com
As of April 2013
Flat Irons
by Contributors to Overstock.com
Our AssessmentThe CHI Original is easily the most-reviewed flat iron on Overstock.com, with more than 830 reviews. The reviews average 4.7 stars. Many reviewers say this is the iron they compare all others against, and it lives up to the hype. On the other hand, there are some reports of this flat iron burning out in rapidly. A handful of other irons receive 20-plus reviews, but none are as conclusively positive.
16. DailyCandy.com
Jan. 18, 2011
17 Must-Have Hair Tools
by Editors of DailyCandy.com
Our AssessmentIt isn't entirely clear how editors compared various hair-styling tools; however, it is clear from the article that they used themselves as guinea pigs. The tester praises the Sultra Seductress for heating up very rapidly and for its multiple temperature settings for fine, normal and thick hair. There are no other flat irons on the list, and the Sultra model isn't directly compared to any competitors in the text.
17. TotalBeauty.com
Not dated
12 Best Flat Irons
by Sarah Carrillo
Our AssessmentThis list rounds up TotalBeauty.com users' favorite tools based on numerical rankings. One review of the GHD Original Styling Iron says it beats out the Sedu iron, which is ranked higher. The SLIM CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is the smallest straightener featured on this list, yet the highest ranked, and users say it works on a wide range of hair types. The Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is second-highest rated. Users say this iron leaves their hair sleek and shiny. Many compare it to lower-end irons and to CHIs, but all agree that it is worth the splurge.
18. About.com
Not dated
Top 11 Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners
by Julyne Derrick
Our AssessmentJulyne Derrick assures readers that she's done the research for you, though she doesn't say whether she's personally tested all of the 11 flatirons on her list. The Hai Ceramic Flat Iron is named the best all-around because it gets hot quickly, but it doesn't damage hair. This article is not dated, but the most recent review cited is from 2010.
19. Oprah.com
Nov. 11, 2008
Paula Begoun's Favorite Beauty Products
by Editors of Oprah.com
Our AssessmentThis video clip is taken from an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in which Oprah interviews experts about beauty tips. Paula Begoun shares skin and hair advice and recommends various products. The clip does not include her hairstyling tips as included on the show, but the accompanying article lists her recommended products. Begoun says that all types of hairstyling damage hair but silicone-based serums can help to protect hair from excessive heat.
20. PaulasChoice.com
Not dated
Ceramic Flat Irons
by Paula Begoun
Our AssessmentPaula Begoun, an expert in the beauty industry who regularly tests and evaluates products, discusses ceramic flat irons. She states that though they don't seal in moisture as advertised, they glide smoothly through hair without pulling or tugging on it. She says ceramic flat irons also produce uniform and even heat. She recommends flat irons from Hot Tools, Wigo, BaByliss, Ceramic Tools and Vidal Sassoon, though no information about the flat irons, or why they are chosen over others, is given.
21. Style-Hair-Magazine.com
Not dated
Flat Iron: All Are Not Created Equal
by Editors of Style Hair Magazine
Our AssessmentEditors of Style Hair Magazine recommend three flat irons in the high-end, midrange and low-end categories. High-end or professional irons are said to last longer and cause less damage to hair. Each of the flat irons listed (from Sedu, Solia and Conair) are described and links to user reviews are provided, but it isn't clear if editors did any product testing for this article.
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