Stone Review

Bottom Line Stone flooring can be beautiful, durable and add to the value of your home. Installation is a job for professionals, however, adding to the already high initial cost. Stone floors also require periodic sealing to protect them from staining and moisture. Stone floors work well in kitchens and bathrooms because they are moisture resistant, but they can be slippery and quite cold unless there is underfloor heating. Marble and granite are two of the most classic stone flooring options, while slate offers a warmer, more rustic appearance. For a less expensive flooring that is often considered as elegant as stone, reviewers recommend tile (*est. $8 to $15 per sq. ft.), which is also easier for a DIY-er to install.Pros
  • Classic look
  • Adds to home's resale value
  • With sealant, it's moisture resistant
  • Durable
  • Cold and slippery underfoot
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to install
  • Can chip

Better Homes & Gardens has two short articles that briefly cover stone flooring. We also found good general information about stone flooring from syndicated home-improvement columnist Tim Carter and retailer

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This short article offers suggestions for areas that see a lot of use in your home. It suggests concrete as a cheaper alternative to stone.


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Wolfe Flooring sells various types of flooring, and thus is not unbiased. But this site has a lot of useful information about flooring choices, including a chart comparing tile and marble to other types of flooring.


Flooring, Editors of seems to exist in part to direct readers to flooring manufacturers and resellers, but it also presents useful information about stone flooring.


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