Bottom LineTile flooring is a less expensive alternative to stone and offers some of the same benefits and drawbacks. Tile is made from a clay or stone mixture. It's less absorbent than wood so it can be used in wet environments like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, but it can be cold and slippery underfoot. Tiles can also crack or chip. It is easier to install than stone because it is much easier to cut, but it's still not a job for novices. Tiles are given standardized ratings for hardness, durability, absorbency, and wear. A light traffic tile will be best suited for your bathroom, while extremely heavy traffic tiles will work better in your foyer. For a less expensive flooring that is easier to install yourself, experts recommend vinyl flooring (*est. $2 to $8 per sq. ft.), but it's not nearly as nice as tile.Pros
  • Elegant look
  • Adds to home's resale value
  • Easier to install than stone
  • Durable, good for kitchens, baths
  • Can crack or chip
  • Can be cold and slippery underfoot
  • Hard and noisy
  • Can be expensive