Montague Boston Review

Updated July 31, 2011
Montague Boston
Full-size folding bikes are a good choice for those with long commutes who need a fast, comfortable bike to ride to work. Reviewers are especially impressed with the Montague Boston, which has full-size, 26-inch wheels but still manages to fold in less than a minute. The bike is relatively lightweight for a full-size folder, weighing in at just 24 pounds. It's also easy to fold. Although smaller bikes have a more compact fold, the Montague Boston folds down to 35 inches by 12 inches by 28 inches. Experts say the ride quality is very good, and that you won't even know you're on a foldable bike once you start pedaling. However, the Montage Boston is a single-speed bike, so it's not the best choice for hilly areas. If you can make do with a smaller bike, the Brompton M3L (MSRP: $1,280) gets the best reviews overall, and it folds much more compactly.ProsFull-size bike with a quick fold, Relatively lightweight, Very good ride qualityConsSingle speed, No fenders or rear rack

A number of sources publish solid reviews of the Montague Boston, including Men's Journal, which conducts a group test of six folding bikes. Each bike is rated, although its analysis is brief., and Australian Cyclist magazine have detailed single-product reviews.

Our Sources

1. Men's Journal

Break-Down Bikes, Sarah Rose, Apr. 5, 2010

Men's Journal gives the Montague Boston an overall rating of 8 out of 10 in this group test of six folding bikes. Testers say the bike is sturdy and stable, but it is not a good choice for hilly areas.


Montague Boston, Dave Atkinson, July 26, 2010

The Montague Boston earns a 3.5-star rating (out of 5) from Britain's Dave Atkinson is impressed with the ride quality and says the folding process takes about 40 seconds from start to finish. However, the bike is not as easy to carry as most folding bikes.


Montague Boston: Single Speed Folding Commuter, Ted Johnson, Jan. 28, 2011

Ted Johnson's review of the Montague Boston for is detailed and lengthy, though it doesn't give the bike a rating. He says that although the bike struggles on hills, it is a good choice for relatively flat commutes.

4. Australian Cyclist magazine

Montague Boston, Chris Hill, July 1, 2010

Australian Cyclist magazine has a lengthy review of the Montague Boston folding bike. Testers report good braking performance and "impressive break-down speed," although portability is not the best.